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Well That Sounds Logical.

Beautiful People Have Higher IQ’s.

By that logic, the authors of the study must be butt-ugly.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

See?  All this, and modesty, too.  I’m beatin’ them off with a stick, folks.

The study indicated attractive men have IQs that are 13.6 points above the average, while beautiful women are 11.4 points higher than average.

It doesn’t mention (at least what I read) that men are also about ten points higher in IQ than women.

Just threw that out there to count how many women read this blog.  It is absolutely untrue.


Cruel Wife just threw a comment down below so I thought I’d post a graph of what I think the paper’s authors were trying to say.  And added the Womyn-baiting ten IQ points spread at the median point.  Obviously CW falls way to the right (in real life outside the 3-σ range – ignore my chart).


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