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Lion-Meat Tacos.

I am going to catch hell but ME WANTS ONE!

Boca, gaining a rep for exotic tacos, plans lion-meat offering

Taco types… Crunchy Growler, Soft Growler, choice of three salsas:  Purry, Snarly, and Takedown.

(I just made those up.)

How about…

  • Stork-n-Beans
  • Foxtail Soup
  • Seal Sliders

Add your own in the comments!

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Frankenboy has a bad cough, Cruel Wife has been working at home to make up hours, and I have just done load of laundry #6 tonight.   I got the trash cans, salted the walk, picked up, did the dishes, read stories to GirlHead, threatened Frankenboy with eternal torment if he didn’t get his jammies on (if they actually think you’re going to do it, they pay attention – that is the secret to working with anyone)… I am officially domesticated.

Sure, I may be SuperDad and SuperHusband, but my testicles shriveled up and fell off early into the evening.  I am a soul-eunuch.   But I can fold clothes, roll socks, cook dinner, and do dishes.  I even (sob) scrubbed a toilet last night.

I think a mercy killing is in order.  Just put a pillow over my face and have someone sit on it.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go watch some Dexter.

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