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Not optimal.

Don’t mind me folks.  Just not running optimally well the last few days.

Hope to be of more value this week.

I will say this  – went to “Build A Bear” with my kids yesterday…  one of the other fathers turned to me and said “Gee, they sure have some racket going here, don’t they?”

And how, brother… and how.

Haven’t even bothered to look at the Academy Awards.  Stopped caring a long time ago.  Once, I recall people caring.

At some point the actors and actresses that were showing up were a lot like an eight year old that says something clever at a dinner party and gets a roomful of laughs.  Then, devouring the attention, they begin repeating themselves in a doomed attempt to get still more attention using the same lines and behavior, and after a while become really quite odd as their neediness consumes all the good spirits in the room.  And these man-child and women-child stars are left still rather clueless as to the source of any value that their work may have had, but continue on, under the false belief that it was some amazing virtue that is inherent in the makeup of their being.

Yes, there are some actors and actresses that I think are absolutely amazing, but those are one in ten thousand, and the rest ought to know better.

I’ve heard all the ridiculous reasons for the hosts they’ve picked and the material they’ve allowed over the years, and trying to keep it relevant to the younger crowd and fresh is about as lame a reason for putting on a classless show as I can think of.  Where’s the dignity and sense of decorum?   At what point did being devoid of class become synonymous with entertainment?

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