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Now, you could say “Whoa, this is proof of the badness of eating this kind of food!”

I prefer to see it as truth in advertising and true dedication to one’s job.

572-Pound Spokesman of Unhealthy Eatery Dies

I’m all in support of the owner of the restaurant.

Many criticize the eatery that offers meals in excess of 8,000 calories. They feature huge hamburgers, milkshakes and fry their fries in pig lard. A sign in front of the building reads, “Caution. This establishment is bad for your health.”

Basso says he expects the criticism, but the message beneath the outrageous menu is one of caution. Even some diners agree — it’s your choice to eat there or not to eat there.

“We are absolutely guilty for glorifying obesity, it’s what we do, but if you stop and think about why we glorify obesity and come into the Heart Attack Grill diet center I think you’ll get it,” Basso told the website.

Read the rest here: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/03/03/572-pound-spokesman-unhealthy-eatery-dies

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