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Update: Hillary: I’m Very Relaxed.

That’s the botox speaking.

Say you are being questioned just prior to going to your eternal reward, wherever that might be… and the conversation goes like this:

So, you broke into someone’s house, went to drag the gal upstairs, and… what?  Fiancee got in the way?  You tussled?

She ran out of the room?  You don’t say…

And then she came back into the room with a pink .38 and blew you away?

Jeez, dude.  How about dying with a bit more dignity than that?  Oh, I don’t know – there’s many ways you could have gone that would have left you with more self-respect.  Like having a heart attack while engaged in amorous relations with a cow?

A pink gun.  Only thing worse would be to have been shot by a Hello Kitty AR-15.


On Fark… MESSENGER related, I assume…

NASA spacecraft now circling massive object that is not your wife, despite being super-hot on one side and super-cold on the other


I can make two comments based on the statements by the mother of one of the civilian-murdering Army fellas (Morlock).

Morlock’s mother, in an interview with The Seattle Times, blames much of her son’s plight on a failure of Army leaders to oversee the platoon’s behavior and actions.

“I think the government is just playing these guys as scapegoats. The leaders dropped the ball. Who was watching over all this?” Audrey Morlock said.

  1. How insulting to men and women in uniform, that she seems to think that like little children they need constant supervision.
  2. Her weird comment about using the killers as scapegoats – is it so hard to imagine that her son is more than a little “damaged goods”?


Granny get your gun.

What is it with women and .38’s today.  (let’s stay away from the joke about the woman with 38’s and packing a couple of 45’s, too)

After being denied a kiss yesterday by a neighbor 39 years her junior, a 92-year-old Florida woman allegedly returned to her home, retrieved a .380 semi-automatic handgun, and fired several shots into the man’s residence.

Supposedly she was aiming at his car… yeah.  Yeah, that’s it.  Damn thing ought to have given her a smooch.  Hmph.

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