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Quick!  Everyone run around like their hair is on fire!   That always helps!

This is like pouring sugar on the ground at a picnic to keep the ants away.

The game’s 1996 precursor Duke Nukem 3D — which sold 3.5 million copies, made millions for its developers and transformed the entire world of video games — depicted women as strippers and prostitutes.  The new iteration of the game, set for release this spring, takes sexism to a new level — starting with Duke receiving implied oral sex from twins in school uniforms.

“It was offensive then and it’s even more offensive now,” Jamia Wilson, vice president of the Women’s Media Center, told FoxNews.com. “These depictions of women are extremely harmful, especially to young women,” she added.

Well, DUH.  It is offensive!  It is hilarious!

It’s entertaining because it IS over the top, lady.  Tell you what, Jamia… unbraid your armpit hair, shave your legs, go out with the girls, have a few fortified wine coolers, and metaphorically let your hair down – meet some guy and find something to do besides worry about a video game. The hugest percentage of men abusing women got it not from video games but from a suck-ass home life when growing up.

Most men who are transvestites didn’t get it from watching Bugs Bunny in drag.

Young women aren’t going to be playing the game.  Boys, grown men, and the grown men’s wives are going to be playing it (at least mine will be, anyway).

Young women (and prosti-tots) will be shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch.

As a parent, I won’t let my daughter shop there. That is how the system works. I don’t like A&F so I don’t let my daughter go there.  How hard was that?

As for my daughter coming into contact with boys who don’t have parents to teach them the values that they won’t get in Duke Nukem, well, she’ll be well-taught about how to handle them and if there’s still problems, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  That’s why fathers own guns, so’s they can protect their daughters.

All the guys that I met over the years that were the type to objectify or abuse women weren’t that way from a movie or from a game – they were creeps through-and-through.  Not all people are good and that is a simple fact.  Mostly people are made that way by their parents.  Sometimes you raise them in a good environment and they’re still evil – I’ve seen it firsthand so don’t try to feed me a line of excrement to the contrary, please.


I also must say – my daughter’s self worth will be instilled in her by us, her parents, not some video game or the world’s view, so let me worry about my daughter.

The ESRB argues that its ratings effectively allow consumers to self-police: If you find that sort of thing offensive, simply don’t let your kids buy the game.

“This game carries a Mature rating indicating that it’s intended for ages 17 and up, and retailers overwhelmingly enforce their store policies requiring that M-rated games not be sold to a customer under that age without a parent’s consent,” [ESRB spokesman] Mizrachi said.

There’s bad news though…

Following the what-were-they-thinking response shared across the gaming community, Gearbox announced Thursday yet another delay to the overdue game’s release. Duke Nukem Forever, which had been slated for release May 3, is now scheduled for June 14.


I could be a bitter cynic.  But you know what?  I still recognize bullshit when I see it.

9 Signs of Happiness

Some of the signs are absolutely mind-numbingly asinine.  I include only four here.  You need to go and see if #3-#7 are ridonkulous for yourself.

1. Smiling face in photos

Studies have shown that people who are smiling in photographs from their youth have five times lesser chances to divorce later in life. Happier people are more attractive to the society, and people feel better in their presence, which contributes to higher quality of relationship within marriage.

I have NO photos of me smiling in childhood, and I’m deliriously *$&%^@ happy.

2. You have a sister

People who have at least one sister are more inclined to optimism, providing support and empathy. Sisters foster communication and unity in the family, which is reflected on positive feelings of all family members.

My next-oldest sister had me unknowingly sniff ammonia from a jar and once peeled up a strip of duct-tape from the entire length of my leg and gave me a redneck wax-job.  My oldest sister is a psychopath.  As you can tell, I have happiness just dripping out my pores.

8. You drink warm drinks

According to one study, people who were holding in their hands and drinking warm drinks, like cocoa or tea, were warmer and better willing than those who drank cold drinks. Psychologists concluded that external heat influences inner one and that warm drinks have a favorable effect on the organism and thus have influence on the mood.

Drink coffee and tea all day long and I’m the sunniest person I know, so perhaps this has some truth.

9. You have two best friends

In one study that included 600 participants, all those who concluded that they have two best friends were generally happier than those with more or less friends. Therefore, a large number of people with whom you socialize are not a guarantee of happiness.

“Hi!  I’m Barf the Mawg!  I’m half man, half dog… I’m my own best friend!”


It has come to my attention that the next few images might offend someviewers.  I wasn’t raised nor am I Catholic so it just doesn’t hold the same emotional clout for me that it does others… soooooo, consider yourself warned.












Happiness in 9 simple points?

No.  I don’t think so.  Happiness is discovering that nuns have boobs.

Source… would you believe it came up on a Google search?  Now if only I could remember what it was I was searching for…  Well it wasn’t Nude Nuns with Big Guns, but here you go…


Turducken for Nintendo???

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h/t to Wilson… errr… The Dude… for drawing attention to Theo Sparks “Protection from Muslim Men” posting. I think a bacon g-string is a necessary accessory.
Yes, as Veeshir said, having the Hillary pic at the top of the page is kind of rude/cruel/awful/nasty.

I am truly sorry/repentant. I am filled with remorse.

So let’s start with something different.

Well, isn’t that sumpin’?


Let’s offset that with a story of pure goodness, one that marks a little girl as having real character.

Nine year old girl loses her leg and a kidney while saving her five-year-old sister’s life – running out in front of a vehicle.

Weeks ago I saw this article on bias in the NPR (link is down a short ways). I did tons of research on where their money really comes from and found out that they’re playing real games in reporting where their funding comes from. Lot more gov’t funding than they claim, and a lot smaller percentage comes from you the listener. But I found that the rabbit hole goes deep and trying to hunt down all the affiliations was just … too much effort and no one would read the compilation anyway.

So here’s the article where NPR folks say they are overwhelmingly liberal but they are not biased.

If they aren’t biased the simple question is why do so many libs listen? It’s not because they are enlightened and liberals are seeking pure truth, that’s for sure. Most liberals think they are moderate, too. There’s an issue of broken self-perception there or intense myopia.

Truth? My truth is that I’m conservative. I’m not moderate. No self-delusion there. I’m actually more libertarian/federalist.
Ok, so…

If I marry, you can eat me.

A wedding cake shaped like herself.

The thing to note, which doesn’t seem to have impressed it upon the husband… if I am marrying you and I go to order cakes of both of us and only one cake can be made, one would think that I’d choose to have it made of my spouse since the very nature of getting married is that you place that person very high in your life – you want to live life with that person, right? So what does it say when you instead choose to have a cake made of yourself rather than a more generic cake if you can’t have both?

Sorry dude, you got hitched to a ho.

Saw this on Fark:

Should Florida lawmakers make sex with animals illegal? Some say yes, some say neigh (naplesnews.com)

Gen Y not slackers, just slow starters… ? … ? … ?

Nah, sorry, you live with mommy and daddy until you’re 30-something you’re pathetic.

Generation Y is often thought of as a slacker group of young adults who have failed to launch, delaying real careers and families until later in life. But new research suggests their heavy dependence on Mom and Dad might ultimately prepare them to be successful adults.

You become a successful adult by hardships and lessons learned, not playing video games in the living room. What, did they also breast-feed until they were six?

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