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I’ve seen coders compile entire modules and make nothing but vaporware… but this guy… he did something.  If you’re paying attention it’s pretty funny.  You have to understand a bit about code and compiling before the depths of it will make sense, but the general joke won’t require that you be a code-warrior.


A “3D Monocle”… I really don’t know what to say.  Really, seriously, I don’t.

It seems a lot like saying “A six-wheeled unicycle” to me.

(Seriously, didn’t you feel a bit burned yesterday?)


Ok, while we’re looking at bizarre things, here’s another.  It’s a… well, it’s a… it’s kind of like a…

Screw it.  Just watch the damn video.

It would have been handy to pick up my ego a few times after two totally life-invalidating rejections by hawt chicks when I was younger.  Only two?  Yes, only two.  I wasn’t Mr. Wild and Crazy Guy but my batting average wasn’t bad either.   The ego statement was an attempt at a joke.  (sigh)


Oooh.  Fractals.  I love fractals.  Now… I think I should marry a fractal.

Wait… fractals are endlessly complex things, aren’t they?  Never mind, I’m already married to one of them, then.  Whatever, here’s some 3D fractal geek-schwing stuff.

I now have one less thing capable of keeping me up at night.  Partition number theory… solved.


This last one was kind of disturbing to me.  You know, normally I don’t gravitate towards posting stuff that is this f***-ed up, but honestly this bothers me.  If you don’t want to read something  kind of sad and soul-less, don’t read on.  Find something on youtube or something…

I am reasonably sure that were ancient Rome to have been found to have an internet, this sort of thing would have existed.  I can honestly say that I haven’t any respect for these guys.  If you are so unhappy that you want to cheat, leave.  Or just man up and tough it out, but your spouse and kids deserve better than a lying sack of shit.

Note:  Not truly interested in being told all the reasons why being a hardass on this is wrong.  I’m sure anyone engaged in this behavior has all sort of wonderful rationalizations or there’s probably someone really good at defending the person who is doing it, but that’s all a lie, too.  If I were on the receiving end of the lie, I’d want to know.

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