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The Butcher of Lansing has been having car troubles.  He sent me this tidbit today – it’s coming up on a week.

The car is a 2011 Buick LaCrosse CXL. I took it in last Wednesday, 3-30.
The issue is that the lights on the console next to the shifter, P R N D, won’t light, both power ports are dead and it won’t go into manual shift mode.
The service guy said that after they downloaded the codes from the car and started chasing the problem down, they discovered that the drawings in GM’s national database for that car did not match the electronics actually in the car. As of today, they still have not received an answer from GM.
Well now.  That kind of makes it hard for the poor SOB’s at the dealer who have to try to figure this out, doesn’t it?
To me, that also sounds like an eclectic grouping of things but hey, who can presume to know the minds of Governmint Motors?  You’d think the company was female.
Some say that Japan has now resorted to pouring 500,000 gallons of scrambled eggs into the reactor in their latest bid to plug the leak.
Next, it’ll be small absorbent rodents.

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“Are You In?”  as a 2012 slogan?

The first thing I thought of was him being asked that by some chick (I’m not going there, sorry) in the middle of fooling around in the backseat of a car.

This screams for a bumper sticker graphic but I’m thinking Stoaty (Weasel, as in sweasel.com) will be all over this like a deranged slinky.



First you are part of a huge mishandled case where you accuse a three sports players of rape, it goes nonlinear as everyone jumps on the bandwagon to accuse some nasty rich little white boys, and that gets thrown out after ruining their lives.

A year later, Attorney General Roy Cooper dropped all charges saying there was no credible evidence and that the three former players were victims of a tragic rush to accuse.

Former D.A. Mike Nifong was later disbarred and was accused of withholding DNA evidence that would have cleared the players.

Ok, well, an apologist might still say justice might not have been served because there is the vanishingly small but finite possibility that someone actually did do something.  However much it would stretch the bounds of reason.

Then, you are later arrested and charged with attempted murder, arson, and child abuse after a domestic dispute with a boyfriend.  Guilty of child abuse but they couldn’t prove arson.

Then this weekend you are arrested  for multiple stabbings of a different boyfriend leading to his hospitalization in serious condition.

And now, all that blended in with the degree you got in police psychology from NCCU in 2008 kind of makes you and everyone who has ever come into contact with you look like a bunch of schmucks.  And the gal standing up next to you as bail was assessed, Jackie Wagstaff – the former Durham school board member who has a history of supporting you – gosh, she looks even stupider than ever.  You are known by the company you keep.

What am I trying to say?  I’m rambling but I guess if there was a point, it would be that after a while, all the little stinky bits and blots of nasty grime add up, and when you step back a bit look at it from a bit more distance the pattern of a trash heap begins to resolve – mostly because you just fell off the mound of garbage you were standing on.




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Quick Post

Got a game that should provide hours of entertainment for me and the kidlets.  It’s like the Contraptions game but with more thingies.  It’s got vanes, lasers, lenses, belts, gears, bunsen burners, steam engines… you name it.  CrazyMachines 2 is the name.

The tubes you add, you get a limited amount of them.  You have to put the water in the right place to move the wheel to allow the switch to be thrown for the sign up above and to also move the ball down to the left so it lands in a crate.  Simple in concept.  Making it work takes … tinkering!

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