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Silly news update:

It’s not really news, but altering cows to have them produce human breast milk

Sorry, but if I can’t drink straight from the tap, why mix up a box of powdered?  No comparison, and as a matter of personal choice I wouldn’t  bother.

(I hope to cause a shudder with that one.)


Mercury polar pics… better than pr0n.


Speaking of pr0n…

Paul Ryan looking at a particularly obscene congressional budget centerfold spread.  Wah-heyyyyy, lookit them bodacious subtotals…

Until they FIX the budget mess, no one in Congress will escape my disdainful/baleful gaze, not even Ryan, who I agree with, at least in the spirit of “We’re speeding towards something… bad”Spending 8x more than the tax receipts?  Granted, it is “refund” time, but “refund” for Congress has come to mean “giving money back to the people” when it was ours to begin with.


A few days ago I promised a strangely familiar visitor who went by the name ooGcM taobmaetS a very interesting paper.  I can’t remember why I promised it but I did.

Kumar – Time-Series Bitmaps – SDM05

What is absolutely geek-schwinging about it is that you can graphically represent very complex data sets using relatively small graphics and quickly sort items by similarity.  And it’s not that hard, either.


Here’s a not-new XKCD but still one I love because it captured how I felt when I was first exposed to Python (exposed like “exposed to H1N1” kind of exposed).  Of course I have grown to loathe the non-explicit typecasting nature of it but I still love Python.  Python has that quick-n-dirty Hugh Grant naughty-boy feel to it but it feels so good.


Aimed at clarification of an obscure joke for Mitchell or anyone else who doesn’t dabble in the world of a code-warrior…

The joke is that the guy wrote the C code on a piece of paper in what may or may not have been in crayon, scanned it in, and had his C compiler try to interpret the image as if it were the source code file.

The later comments joked about how his code editor didn’t highlight keywords, and still later ones addressed how if it had been done in colored crayon it would by implication be identified as Visual Basic code – C/C++ coders sneer at VB.  But then again, hardcore fishbelly white Mt. Dew snorfling C-coders sneer at everything, especially if it isn’t under Linux.

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