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He was in a hurry, telephoning me from the airport and telling me that he was granting Brrrt the wish of a lifetime – to visit a cathouse in Budapest – so there weren’t many details that he had time to tell me. Mostly the conversation consisted of  yelling instructions to Brrrt how best to comply with the body cavity search. It was going terribly when he was forced to hang up.

What I did get was it involved a large .50 cal black powder rifle and one ginormous and stupid Turkey Buzzard. After the incident there wasn’t a whole lot left besides feathers, red mist, feet, and more feathers over several counties. Here’s a postcard.  (click on it for the larger version)

A Postcard from out of nowhere for those who wonder: Where's McGoo?


The story is actually a teensy bit different than I understood it – the ugly critter truly was fixin’ to menace ol’ Brrrt and it was a clear case of domestic defense.  It is what any kitty-lovin’ person would have done.

A few minutes ago a certified courier delivered the following message… apparently Budapest veterinary hospitals offer terrible cellphone access.

Brrrt caught a dose of catscratch fever over in Budapest from some nasty pussy he met there. – McGoo


While I suspect the claims of efficiency are wildly exaggerated, the shock-wave approach is still a neat idea.  The constant remarks that this “is just another wankel engine” annoy me to no end, however.   Also, this has been around for a while, why is it generating buzz now?

I think I like it more even than the Scuderi engine.  The Scuderi is a beautiful thing.  Why do I like the shock-wave approach more in spite of that?  Because of reduction of parts.  Every single interface, no matter how finely crafted the gear-train, how well-fitted cams and rods, or how slippery-smooth the wall-ring-piston interface, they are places for mechanical energy loss.


I’ve heard “light me up” and “burn a little herb” to describe the ingestion of cannabis before, but this guy has taken it and gone in a different direction.

I do believe that these professors in Kentucky and in Boulder, Colorado, have taken the former approach many many times.


It is difficult for me to imagine what the hamsters did to deserve this.

This next one… disturbing, but realize that the pup survived and will have a good home. (h/t to Cruel Wife who never treated me this badly)

Kisha Curtis Charged With Starving Her Pit Bull, Dumping Him Down Garbage Chute


Alec Baldwin.  I’d like to say that I’m shocked by his stupidity, but alas, he’s merely being in character.

Well, I mean, I think so because I think that when you come into office and you want to put your mark on things — this is just my opinion, when you want to put your mark on things, you want to be able to spend. And what’s crippled Obama’s administration, as far as I’m concerned, is the financial crisis and it’s prevented him from doing any new spending. – Alec Baldwin, actor and idiot savant

Prevented him from doing any new spending??? Oh.  Thanks, Alex. 

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