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Danger All Around?

Perhaps it is obvious.  Perhaps people have been saying this all along.

But I never believed it was reality.  I always thought that the liberal pols were actually that stupid and held to ideology without regard to any rudimentary survival instinct.

What if even they now realize that cuts have to be made – awful radical dramatic painful ones – and see that they have danger on the right and danger on the left?

The conservatives will never trust a liberal.  Ever.  The liberals will only support them if they engage in what they may very well realize is political suicide.

It would explain the couldn’t-do-a-thing performance when the Democrats had control last year and needed to work on a budget – but didn’t.  It would explain why they have mostly rolled over on cuts (inadequate cuts but it’s a start) by the Republicans.

What if the Democrat pols actually believe that ideology must be set aside and that severe cuts need to be made?

They couldn’t be seen as supporting that viewpoint – it would be political suicide amongst the liberals who still think that progressive policies and government-driven spend-your-way-into-prosperity practices are valid.   They would never be viewed as reliable by those on the right – because of the almost universal “once-a-always-a axiom”†.

I am a firm believer that except in very rare circumstances we never really change. We become more of what we really are as we age.  Sure, there are examples – such as Paul in the bible – but very rarely do we actually change.  Sure, the Democrats might face up to a new reality and new facts, but given the chance they would go back to where they were before.  Yes, I am cynical.  So what?

So, Democrats can bitch and whine and protest-too-much about Tea Partiers, but at the end of the day they are really in a bad spot.  Go forward and enrage your base?  Hang back and enrage the “independents”, whatever they are?   Hope that things FAIL and be accused of being complicit or not acting when it was really needed (months ago when it was achievable or more effort now)?  Hope that things succeed and then later be seen as the anchor to achieving really good things if it proves to be the hard slog that logic says it must be?

Democrats don’t even need to take another step and they already stink like a three-day-old fish.


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