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If you gave me hits of mescaline repeatedly for hours on end I could not come up with the weirdness involved in this story.  Dominatrix blackmails pervert doctor after tarting up… and then it goes downhill.  It was on Fark.


Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons posted this pic which is (to my mind) the perfect example of a grandfather continuing life cheerfully after administering justice to grandchildren.  Such as 23 weekends worth of free chores to not tell the parents what dumbass thing they did.

I have no idea what actually happened in that picture, but I get a chuckle out of imagining this sort of thing.


Here… here I always sit dumbstruck, wondering why actors and actresses don’t just get up and walk out when asked intensely personal questions.  Oh, that’s right, because they are attention whores, that’s why.


In RIYADH of all places, this was uttered in response to a ban of veils in France:

Samah Ahmed, a 42-year-old mother in Riyadh, was outraged. She called the ban blasphemy. “How dare they take away our right to protect and practice our religion? Yes, this means my daughters cannot travel to France anymore but that is fine. We will not bow down to the injustice they dole out to us. It is time they treat women with respect,” she said.

Saudi Arabia someone said this???

Let’s see… woman raped?  Lash her.  Adulterous affair?  Lash her.  The woman mingled?  Lash her.  Unchaperoned court appearance?  Lash her.

Respect?  Oh yes, there’s a lot of it to be found in their punishments.  Not to say that men don’t get punished but punishing a woman because she was raped is barbaric.  Precious little respect in a society that does not rise up in outrage over such acts.

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