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This was on Fark, but goddamn it, it is real.

A fallen police officer drops his gun.  Do you pick it up to keep the six bad guys away, thus saving the officer’s life?

Apparently not in New York you don’t, unless you like having charges pressed against you because you are “unlicensed to carry a gun”.

The unidentified school safety agent grabbed the Glock that Presley dropped when he was shot, sources said, and chased the five bandits, firing back after at least one robber shot at him.

Investigators believe Presley fired his weapon seven times before the school safety agent squeezed off nine shots, a source said. The robbers fired a total of six times.

The agent, who is not licensed to carry a gun, could face charges, sources said.

Yes, yes, I know… he could have posed a risk to bystanders, but so could the off-duty cop.  Are we just never going to take a stand against the real bad guys?

Every now and then you read about a citizen that doesn’t like being bullied and beats the everlovin’ shit out of some would-be robber or rapist and some idiot cop says “Well, people shouldn’t take risks like this or they could get hurt.”  Cops that don’t support people defending themselves have missed the point:  BAD GUYS NEED TO BE AFRAID OF ANYONE THEY TRY TO VICTIMIZE.  IF THEY WERE AFRAID THAT ANYONE THEY ATTACKED MIGHT JUST KILL THEM IN SELF-DEFENSE THEY WOULD COMMIT LESS CRIME.

How can I prove that?  Easy.

99% of the time, do the bad guys go after someone bigger, meaner, and tougher looking than themselves?  No they don’t.  They go after those who can give them the best bang for the buck with the least danger to themselves.  Them as the robber thinks can’t defend themselves.  Think about it.  A person who preys on the weak and defenseless is a chickenshit with no real courage.


This is guaranteed Amusing Bunni bait.  If she hasn’t already grabbed it from somewhere.

And, to wash some of that saccharine sweetness away, here’s some sushi.  I found them by googling after having sushi a few weeks ago.  There are a surprising number of naked chicks with sushi laid out on their bodies.  Myself, I think it’s going to throw off the fatty tuna because the fat really starts to melt at body temp so I’d probably stick to the stuff they bring me on my plate.  (For real, a co-worker of mine ate sushi from a buffet bar once, and traumatized me horribly in doing so.)


Since the 2000 election I’ve thought Florida had more than it’s share of issues.  And they keep proving me right.

Florida officials are investigating an unemployment agency that spent public money to give 6,000 superhero capes to the jobless.

Workforce Central Florida spent more than $14,000 on the red capes as part of its “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” public relations campaign.


Workforce Central Florida Director Gary J. Earl defends the program, saying it is part of a greater effort to connect with the community.

Connecting with the community is achieved by dressing adults looking for work as superheroes?  I can tell you now, the first person to darken my doorway looking for a job while wearing a cape or having ever worn a cape after the age of 12 (Halloween excluded but I will still watch them closely) will be the first person whose resume I send to the shredder.

Yes, I am a Capist bastard.  Should they start a new category of discrimination victims?


Alert reader mrmacs passed this on.  Hoooooo-eeeeeee!   Ho-leeeee sheeeet!

Anything that punches through a steel plate and still goes 7km at Mach 5 has my complete respect.   Do check out the video.

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