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It’s a good time of the year – Easter Sunday tomorrow.

Have these types of celebrations ever been in vogue around the world?  Would have been cool.

If we lived in Hungary, we might be celebrating Easter by getting buckets of water dumped on us. “The watering of the girls” is a fertility ritual where girls dress in traditional garb and men pour buckets of water on them as they pass.

Well, that sounds pretty interesting.


Immediately thought “Oh, burned coffee – must be about Starbucks.”

Nope.  But it was still burned coffee, just like Starbucks.


What economic recovery?  Has anyone on the ground actually seen a ****ing economic recovery?

Economic recovery prompts US divorce rebound


Civet coffee is nothing new.  But this is an interesting way to put it.

Apparently, enzymes and other chemicals in the animal’s digestive tract react with the protein in the beans, eliminating much of the bitterness present in most coffees and creating a highly appealing flavor, despite how it came to pass.

At $300 per pound, that better be a fine enzyme-producing-cat-crapped cup o’ beans.


On Fark this was titled “Man shot in head with potato gun is lucky an eye wasn’t put out“.

I’ve seen a potato fired at a cinder-block wall get reduced to a starchy vapor.  Potato guns could kill you easily.

The 24-year-old man was camping with friends in Gurnang State Forest, south of Oberon, when a potato gun discharged…

Yeah, they were sitting around the fire, toasting marshmallows when suddenly this dude’s potato gun that was leaning up against a tree just fell over and, like, went off, dudes.

Sorry but potato guns discharge because someone discharged them, so really the story should read “The 24 year-old man was hanging out with his buddies and doing stupid things when his head was somehow put between the end of the barrel and the spot where the potato wanted to go, and got clobbered by the tuber.”


I can no longer deny that we are a country that is home to enough stupid people (evidence follows) that the last presidential election is not only easily understandable but almost a foregone conclusion.

The longtime treasurer of the Salvation Army in Barnes County has quit after being told not to serve free food to contractors who built up the city’s dikes in response to near-record Sheyenne River flooding.

Mayor Bob Werkhoven said in a statement that the city needs to focus on flood-fighting and that the food dispute is “a non-issue for both the city and the Salvation Army.”

Lori Jury said restaurant owners wanted construction workers’ business, leading her superiors to tell her to stop food deliveries, even during hours the restaurants weren’t open.

“All I wanted to do was feed some hungry men who are working hard to save our community,” Jury, who had been treasurer for 16 years, told the Times-Record newspaper. “I never dreamt it would come to this.

I can’t help it.  I go back and re-read this any time I need an instant genuine laugh.


I understand the argument about medical treatment being something you can’t not give to prisoners.  But there’s medical treatment and there’s also giving criminals organ transplants that could be saving someone’s life on the outside.

“The policy is pretty simple: We are constitutionally obligated to provide health-care services to the inmates,” said Peter Cutler, a spokesman for the state Departmentof Correctional Services. “They basically receive the community standard of care.”    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/23/ny-taxpayers-pay-big-heart-transplant-convicted-rapist

Giving them care doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give them a heart transplant.  Treatment can be palliative and not necessarily curative (if a transplant can be considered such).  So not giving them a heart transplant doesn’t mean they didn’t get treatment.

I don’t know – but giving a criminal a taxpayer-funded organ transplant while serving a sentence, which is also taxpayer-funded, while some poor bastard is in hock up to his eyeballs so his kid or wife could have one… there’s something wrong there.

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