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I had to wrestle with the title of the post for more than ten seconds before deciding to do it.

I don’t normally post stuff like boob bombs or the penis award.  But there’s always a first time (most things anyway, and there are a lot of exceptions).

Yesterday’s post involved a side project for an award for c.monster over at Soylent Green.  Please do feel free to read yesterday’s post for I shan’t repeat the story here.

Defintely NSFW, but the warning would come too late if I had put the page in-line with the posting, so I didn’t.  Instead you can follow this link TO AN NSFW GRAPHIC of  (in deep exaggerated baritone voice)


You have been warned.

Feel free to give feedback – it is critical feedback that makes things better.

Update:  I gather that the response was positive

Update #2:  I wouldn’t have thought I could possibly view a picture as pathetic as this.  Jar-jar Binks has more charisma.

Update #3:  This cat has my permission to boil that turtle in oil.  (h/t to Laura at Fetch My Flying Monkeys – Now with more goat)

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