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Not going to not say anything at all but I will say that in response to some of these I can only say that I don’t know what to say.

  1. Notice that the woman did not fold the credit card or license that she hid in her vagina.  I haven’t even the faintest notion what the proper response is to a piece of information like that.  How about this?  D-d-d-d-DAMN.   And what the hell were they doing frolicking around in her nethers for??
  2. You find a bloody naked man eating raw chicken out of your refrigerator.  Damn liberals.
  3. Hide the chickens.  May is Masturbation Month.   Comment found after the article?   Here it is, and I quote  —>   “Recal plunz says: I just tossed a load of man mustard all over the place! YEEHAW!”  Excuse me, but… man-mustard?
  4. Apparently being either one makes you automatically the other in Goralgebra.  Ipse dixit!
  5. Good luck with that encore.  Terminal asphyxiation as performance art?
  6. Oh for cripes sake will you people get over yourselves???  It’s not all about you, as much as you might like it to be.  That goes for any other thin-skinned minority group out there as well.  Quit your bitching, because you ain’t the center of the damned universe, nor is your terminal uniqueness.  (In this case I’m referring to addiction to your group identification)
  7. Oh my gawd, the sea level is getting worse in an even worser worser rate than we thought.  I mean, the Stockholm/IPCC panels in their near-omniscient forecasting ability have specified that the fourth-derivative change to Climageddon/Thermageddon can’t be larger than 4 freaks/year^4 (analogous to “jounce”) and the rate of change – the acceleration of the jouncing – can’t be more than six fruits/year^2.  This is some way scary sh*t there, boss.   Perhaps taobmaetS ooGcM could help shed some light on how much crappage in our underwear would be a good target number.  It sounds pretty scary.

Maybe some more later, I promise.

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