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Something is still hinky with my computer system.  In the not-good hinky sort of way.

Special level of hell should be set aside for virus and trojan writers.


I was told by a friend years ago “Assholes, armpits, and opinions.  Everyone’s got ’em.  Almost universally they stink.”

Well it is true.  Here’s mine.

Australian op-eds who are so rabidly anti-US that they worship Osama bin Laden really irritate me.

It’s taken me days to figure out how to say something in response to Bob Ellis’ op-ed that involved civilized and professional speech.

How shabby the Americans are. How secretive and stupid.

How arrogant you are.  How lacking in empathy and purposely ignorant.

What klutzes they are. And how dearly we all must pay for their clumsiness, in a rejuvenated al-Qaeda and acts of terror without end, in this country too. And an atomic war, perhaps.

You are paying dearly… how?  Al-Qaeda wants(ed) terror with or without our removal of Osama.

Osama was unarmed, we now are told, but he ‘resisted’ and so was shot ‘above the left eye’ and ‘part of his brain was blown away’. This, and other details, might explain why Barack Obama spent so long rewriting his speech, his worst thus far on a great specific occasion, and why he seemed uneasy giving it. What, we may ask, is he now to say of a murder committed by uninvited American troops on foreign soil, illegally?

If he so much as twitched an anal sphincter it would be “resisting”.

As for Obama, he had many reasons to rewrite his speech(es).  Chief amongst them is the ultra-high level of incompetence.

Want to know what I think happened?

When Obama ran for president he had many rainbow and unicorn thoughts that possess many of the liberals out there.  When he actually won and discovered that by golly he couldn’t walk on water more than an inch deep, he was shocked, angry, and confused.

So, too, was Obama shocked when he discovered that “getting Osama” actually could involve a monster dressed in the flesh of a human being having his cranium vented in a really messy way.  My goodness!  That’s not a photo-op moment and it wasn’t supposed to happen this way!  Why, this isn’t at all how it is portrayed in the movies!  Oh, dear, how messy.  The military said nothing about brains and dead terrorists.  And there are realities with ordering someone killed, namely that you might not look like you walked on water, and that you might be inept – and that maybe, just maybe, the minds that ran such a successful campaign can’t actually orchestrate the appearance of leadership when real leadership is needed.

Claim Bush to have been anything you like, but he knew when 9/11 got really rolling that it would be a long, hard, and lonely road to walk.

By the way, Mr. Ellis – you are cordially invited to S.E. Michigan any time you would like to come for a visit.  I have many many friends who would like to meet you and talk about your views on the US.

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