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Light Week.

It may be a light week (working in overdrive this week) but heavy is the new normal.

Specifically my cat, Jilly-boo.  I may be her human, too.  She’s bonded to me, which Cruel Wife thinks is just fine since she’s kind of  tired of clingy/needy things wanting more of her attention (presumably the two kids plus me makes three).

Anyway, I got home and was getting changed into my civilian clothes (read:  Not Almost-Monkey Suit) and I saw my cat looking funny and making even funnier noises.  She was so very interested in a chipmunk that she didn’t even notice I was there.  So I got a picture.

My nickname for her is “Wide Load” because her butt flat-out waddles back and forth but this almost looks petite because I chopped off her behind.    She’s actually a very loving kitty who sits on my chest right before lights out.  Stiletto-paws and all.

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