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Foggiest Memories.

A break from my usual posting stuff today.

I don’t even remember when this was, but I do know my daughter was little.  Very little.  I had a camera and this little itty-bitty thing was sitting on the couch.  And Cruel Wife was propping her up with her hand.   And she was wearing my hat.

And I named her “Nermela” after “Nermel, the World’s Cutest Kitten” from Garfield.

(background of awful old couch removed to protect your eyes)

And for whatever reason, I still see her this way today, all these many years later.  Probably will as long as I live, too.

Sort of like this…

She asked to sleep on the couch tonight – hey, it’s an exciting time with her grandparents here to visit, so we said “Cool”  – and she promptly passed out on the spot.  I keep looking over there and seeing her now but as she was then.  Weird.

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