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Unexploded Ordnance.

Update:  Damn that Jack-Jack cat.  He barfed again.  Could be just a matter of still recovering from the gasprentomice-es whatchamacallit thingy.  It wasn’t a matter of it being an old overlooked barf-pile.  It was fresh within the last few hours.

(yes, I know it is gastroenteritis…)


Wow.  Do not move soldier with unexploded ordnance in his body.  That’s what it says in the manual.  Hell with that, we’re saving him.

Probably seen everywhere by everyone else but yours truly, but if you happen to not have seen it, uh… wow.

Dudes all got tiger balls.


I’d bid on the chance to eat this sucker.  Mmmmm… blue lobster….


Beer drinking causes mosquito bites.  Millions of women swear off beer.


More later if I am allowed to live after that last line.

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