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Oh yes, may be a bastard, but so what?

Pig fat gun oil used in American weapons.

How do we switch over to 100% usage?  Seriously, terrorists hide behind the skirts of women and little children, kill innocent people, behead prisoners, etc., and I’m hard-pressed to find a way to feel bad about using pork products in our weapons.

The makers of Silver Bullet Gun Oil claim it contains 13 per cent USDA liquefied pig fat thus making the product ‘a highly effective counter-Islamic terrorist force multiplier.’


Dr. Lemur just threw up in his mouth a little in disgust over the guy who got mauled by a kitten.

The police got a call from Melvyn Q. Milquetoast about a kitten bite.  Oh yeah, dude.  Can I see your Man Card?  Thank you.  Here are the pieces of confetti I just made from it.  They’re yours again.


I read about this guy months ago.  Imagine your entire body except your head being dragged through a gap the size of a CD case in width.

Now imagine surviving it.

I had my arm caught by a machine and slowly busted – in two places one after the other – and I can’t even imagine the horror that comes with this guy’s horrific injury.  It was bad enough getting compounded slowly but this guy – his whole freakin’ body

more later

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