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Congress.  Vote the entire lot out.  Tar and feather them.  Start with Boehner.

House Speaker John Boehner says the pact he’s reached with President Barack Obama and other leaders of Congress on lifting the debt limit and taming the budget “isn’t the greatest deal” but lives up to the GOP’s principles on taxes and spending.

They’re cutting 1 trillion dollars over ten years.  That’s 100 billion per year in a yearly budget of over 3 trillion dollars.

The ****wad has just made the biggest argument for why so many Tea Party folks should show up in record numbers to make sure that anyone who now aligns themselves with the GOP is gone and why people of any party should be voted out after one term.   I’m a conservative and hearing Boehner say that only cutting one trillion over ten years is living up to the GOP’s principles tells me that the GOP is dead and he’s given it just one more in a long string of kisses of death.

I’m supposed to feel better than this about it, though:

Congressional sources familiar with the outlines of the deal say it would cut the deficit by about $2.8 trillion and raise the debt limit by a similar amount. The deal includes $1.2 trillion in spending cuts up front and creates a select bicameral committee to find another $1.6 trillion in savings later in the 112th Congress.

I’m sure there’s a committee that is going to be as dedicated to finding the $1.6T as Obama was in listening to the committee recommendations about the budget last winter.  Yep, expect some quick action on that one.

I want to hear a certain list of numbers and if I don’t hear them I want to know why.  Yearly.

  1. How much do we spend on things we need this year?
  2. How much do we take in?
  3. How much has the debt been paid down this year?
  4. When will the debt be paid off?

#2 minus #3 minus #1 goddamned well better be greater than zero and never a negative number.  If it is more than zero, I want my taxes reduced by that much divided by 350M next year.  When you set out #1, I want to know exactly where it is going, and I don’t want budget tricks played – no estimates or assumptions.  If you can’t do that, the budget needs to be simplified to the point where that doesn’t happen.

And I want the extra alphabet departments removed.  And a 10% flat tax.  And no more pork damnit.  And for f***’s sake get rid of the congressional pensions and benefits.  @$$holes.  Stop it with the games, you chickensh*t bastards, and for once play straight and grow up – the rest of us are seriously tired of your sh*t.

Expect Boehner to break out in tears any day now, talking about his love of his country and how stressful this has been.

San Fran Nan:

We all may not be able to support it or none of us may be able to support it.  – Nancy Pelosi

Me personally, I’m never gonna give up my daily pork rinds, caviar, champagne, and military jets y’all are paying for because I can’t support giving it up.  That’s what she’s saying.

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The Dude turned 40 today so Cruel Wife and I – along with four or five other couples – joined him and his wife celebrating his birthday.  It was some good food but by far was the appetizer – fried calamari.  It was perfect.  Not a hint of a rubber band within 3000 miles.   The jambalaya wasn’t sitting well with me and CW’s crab cakes and stuffed flounder were OK but I’ll be honest, the crab cakes weren’t crispy-cakey enough to be crab cakes.  Oh well, it was all fresh, however, and that counts for so very much.

Congratulations to SOYLENT GREEN for the one-millionth visitor!   WARNING, IT IS (not, not, not) NSFW – DON’T GO THERE ON COMPANY TIMEWhups, neither is the graphic below, if you get right down to it.  I am making an exception here.  SOYLENT is well known for a few things, some of which are NSFW, some of which are science-ey, and other which are anti-AGW – specifically he likes to trash global warmalarmists who would love to trash anyone who gets in the way of their power grab.  I support him in that.

I do graphics for cbullitt sometimes and he said “Lemur, I’ve come close to 1 million times, and I need a graphic to make it pop.”   Well, he didn’t word it just like that but the idea was there.  So there’s the graphic I did for him, made up of a collage of other graphics I’ve done when he’s come up with an interesting notion.  This was a fun one because it just came to me how to do it – I was clueless for quite a few hours – and the ideas just gushed forth.

A million of anything is a lot...

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Hissy kitty.

Update1:  Wow, Bunk Strutt’s philosophical meanderings today actually truly left me… disturbed is too strong a word… unsettled?  I don’t know.

Note:  If it appears I was critical of Bunk there, that is not the case.  The disturbing part is when you truthfully acknowledge that little bit of “Yes Man” in yourself.  97% and more of the time I pride myself on cold hard truth/honesty – at least I do that 30% of the time…  No, seriously, I will (when asked) give blunt truth and I actually outright tell people that I want it in return.  I may not like the truth, but if it is given and it is unadulterated by petty motivations I will accept it with no hard feelings.   That doesn’t mean I won’t say something if I hear a total BS opinion masquerading as truth, though.


Update to Update2… veeshir has pointed out a dark period (perhaps one of many) of Peggy Noonan’s past where she was in approval of Obama.  Now, I’m not going to throw her out because of one or even a handful of bad judgment calls but… (see veeshir’s comments below)

I can add this though… technically what she said was correct (quotes at 4:14pm), and I’m not convinced she was fan-boying him Chris Matthews style, but her statement about Clinton being genuine was a pretty grave error.

Update2:  Peggy Noonan’s pounding of Obama

But that actually is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about something that started to become apparent to me during the debt negotiations. It’s something I’ve never seen in national politics.

It is that nobody loves Obama. This is amazing because every president has people who love him, who feel deep personal affection or connection, who have a stubborn, even beautiful refusal to let what they know are just criticisms affect their feelings of regard. At the height of Bill Clinton’s troubles there were always people who’d say, “Look, I love the guy.” They’d often be smiling—a wry smile, a shrugging smile. Nobody smiles when they talk about Mr. Obama. There were people who loved George W. Bush when he was at his most unpopular, and they meant it and would say it. But people aren’t that way about Mr. Obama. He has supporters and bundlers and contributors, he has voters, he may win. But his support is grim support. And surely this has implications.

The past few weeks I’ve asked Democrats who supported him how they feel about him. I got back nothing that showed personal investment. Here are the words of a hard-line progressive and wise veteran of the political wars: “I never loved Barack Obama. That said, among my crowd who did ‘love’ him, I can’t think of anyone who still does.” Why is Mr. Obama different from Messrs. Clinton and Bush? “Clinton radiated personality. As angry as folks got with him about Nafta or Monica, there was always a sense of genuine, generous caring.” With Bush, “if folks were upset with him, he still had this goofy kind of personality that folks could relate to. You might think he was totally misguided but he seemed genuinely so. . . . Maybe the most important word that described Clinton and Bush but not Obama is ‘genuine.'” He “doesn’t exude any feeling that what he says and does is genuine.”

THAT is the kind of op-ed I want to see more of.  Unafraid to voice the truth – not just voice the truth that they think should exist (read:  make up while smoking something) but real truth.


A friend thought I was particularly hissy yesterday when I made a rather caustic remark about our government’s idiosyncrasies and so she sent me the perfect picture – this is the kind of picture that makes my day.  Thanks to theChive.com, particularly whoever took the picture of this amazing cat.  It is just so perfectly *cat* that it tickled my funny bone.

Makes you wonder whatever made cats think they actually looked fierce when doing this little maneuver.  I think they just look even cuter and want to boop their little nose.

More later if I can…

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Temporary Post

This was to be a placeholder post until tonight when I posted something real.  But it’ll have to be real enough.  Suddenly a huge storm blew up and is headed for us and I’m shutting my computer down very soon, so have a good evening…


As congress-critters sit and bitch to their bosses (us) about how the other side is causing all the trouble it becomes ever more obvious that even still none of them are interested in fixing the problem.

They are all still far more interested in who maintains power as of the next election than they are about enacting something that is binding and rooted in reality.

How do we know this?

Because they are again talking about “compromise”.  Which is a load of BS.  When a patient is dying of a gangrenous limb you do not compromise and cut right through the middle of the infection – you cut off the limb, and you take enough to be sure you got it all.   There are some issues where two viable sides don’t exist, and any decision made that doesn’t include drastic binding cuts is completely non-viable.

When you have spent yourself into a huge debt you do NOTHING to incur more.  And you cut and cut and cut until you can’t cut any more, then you cut again for good measure because the first time you probably pulled the punch.  And then you are man enough to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We’ve been waiting for decades for elected officials to address the entitlements issue, which is what is going to strangle us.  I’m seeing precious little evidence that they believe this is the critical moment it really is.

Their behavior is similar to what you could imagine if an ENTIRE chapter of the local AA fell off the wagon at the same time.  All of them hopelessly addicted to the power and money, all of them in partial-to-total denial, and all of them on some level simultaneously pointing fingers and covering up for each other.

And I’m bothered by the press releases, too.  Both sides.

A perfect example of the unprofessional non-serious behavior is Jay Carney trying to be hip.   This isn’t NFL where you get to use lots of euphemisms and metaphors.  Americans are sick to DEATH of speech that isn’t just pure hard facts devoid of fluff and rhetoric.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney rejected charges that Obama hadn’t revealed an actual plan to solve the debt crisis.

“We have shown a lot of leg on what we were proposing,” Carney said.

Shown a lot of leg?  Carney is essentially the president’s top communications guy and he cannot use proper english to make his point?
Time to grow up, Congress.  Stop being righteously indignant (it is the taxpayer’s turn for that) and get your sh*t together – do whatever you have to do but do it, do it responsibly (for once), and damn well do it now.

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Update:  Fixing Your Hernia, the Man’s Way.  This guy has guts.

It is absolutely impossible for someone to fix their own hernia.  – Sam Carvajal, a surgeon at Glendale Adventist Medical Center

Might have saved some pain and suffering if the guy had checked that little fact out ahead of time.


Real men don’t use BBQ’s… they use the wheel from their car… the one that a woman ruined for him at just 1092 miles (ten days old) by pulling out in front of him without even looking.

Yes, the real man will use an aluminum rim from a 2003 Nissan Maxima.

They pack that sucker with a few bricks, throw in some play-sand from the kid’s sandbox, dump a buttload of natural wood charcoal (not briquettes), wedge in a peanut-oil-soaked paper towel to light the whole mess, and walk away.  They just don’t sit there and play with their wood when there’s meat to be beat.

Stealing one’s wife’s hairdryer works wonders once the meat has been seen to.  The blowing job gets the charcoal hot enough to shoe a horse.  Granted, we’re here to eat cow, but damn tootin’ you could do some serious work with that fire.  But the work we’re here to do is cook some cow, because we’re meatitarians, dammit.  That meat pic will get larger if you stroke click it.

That cow gets 2-1/2 minutes per side while immersed in the infero of Hades (center pic).   The meat is thrown DIRECTLY on the charcoal.  Be a man, flick it off if you don’t like it.  It’s not gonna bite ya, that little piece of carbon sitting there smoldering at 3000F.

Note:  Actually, it might bite you.  I flicked it with my index finger.  I hooked my finger and did a stabbing down motion to get the charcoal off of the meat.   It allowed me to scrape red hot coals under my fingernail where it resulted in a burn that lasted for hours.  This stuff is really hot folks, don’t just play with it.

If you like extra char, just run that hairdryer right in the middle of the pile of coals and believe me, things will happen.  Blow jobs always make things happen.

I will tell you this:  If you eat it my way as a guest and you tell me that you really would rather have salt and pepper on it, I will give it to you but I will never respect you.  That meat was sublime without a thing added to it.

And the next day, slapped between pieces of bread is a religious experience.  But hey what do I know?

I’ll make more comments on it more tomorrow when I’m awake.

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Charles Krauthammer was on Lou Dobbs this afternoon when I stepped out of work to go buy some more Red Bull ™.

He was quoted:

This is Obama at his most sanctimonious, demagogic, self-righteous and arrogant. And given the baseline, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Look, he started out by summoning the leaders of Congress – summoning them at 11:00. Who does he think he is? In the American system the Executive and Congress are co-equal. The way he demanded their appearance in the Oval Office I thought was disgraceful. . . . The President offered nothing except if you go in the back room my staff will give you tick-tock – a detail of everything I was supposed to have given. He has never once spoken about real cuts. And lastly, what was interesting is even at the late date where he says that the fate of the republic hangs on the debt ceiling extension, he said if given a short extension of say half a year, I won’t accept it. Why? Because he says I want this to go past Election Day. That is self-serving and political and he pretends he is the one who is not interested in politics. – Charles Krauthammer with compelling reasons why it’s fair to say Obama is being a piss-poor individual about now


Ever have a Monday and it just didn’t stop being one all day long?

I got to work and said “Hmmm, I could have sworn I left my computer on when I left on Friday.”

I hit the power button and heard the familiar Hmwwwoooommm and the dreaded Fwooom as it shut down.

That cycle repeated itself two or three times with the minimal input from me and then I smelled the smell that says “Hi!  Remember me?  I’m the smell of burning transformers and the cinders of dreams!”

I went down to ID10T Killer’s office and said “Dude, I’ve got great news!”   No, I didn’t, actually.  What I said was more like “Wow, this is great, I think my computer is burning up!”

Or something like that.

He remarked that I was a sorry piece of shite or something like that (and hurt my feelings, badly, which is what you look for in a good friend) and told me to bring my computer down.

He smelled the smells to be smelled, immediately tossed out a universal card reader that is a documented POS, and started in on replacing the 653 1/29th Watt power supply.  Partway through this delicate operation he said “How long has the fan been like that?”

“Huh?” I said, looking over his shoulder.   He held up a 5″ fan that only turned freely in the sense that as you pushed it around using ten pounds of force you did it in the US of A.  At least it was a free country as of this morning.  I hung around for a while and watched as he finished the last connection of the new supply and turned the computer on.

Hmwwwwooooom – POP – Zap – (poof).

Showing my amazing grasp of the obvious I said “That’s not good, right?”

“No.”   ID10T Killer has this way of pursing his lips when he says “no” that also shouts out that you are probably one of the dumbest invertebrates he’s ever seen walk the earth.  What is humbling about this is that he’s the father of a 19 year old son – he knows what he’s talking about.

I got closer and looked inside the case while he punched the button again.

HWM-<b>POP</b>!!!11!! (eleventy, even)

There was this big arc/spark/puff right there on the motherboard.

“You are going to need another computer.”

I pursed my lips and said “Really.”

Later ID10T Killer came by to tell me that the boss said I can’t have a new computer but I am going to inherit the computer of an old co-worker – an 8-Core with 48GB of RAM and a smokin’ video card.  This just only barely makes up for the laptop I’ve been using today to do solid models on.   That laptop was at one time highly optimized and cutting edge, designed to squeeze the most out of Windows 3.1.

Update:  It was a 5-1/3 core CPU that runs at 3.3GHz half the time and 300MHz the other half, and 37GB of RAM.  ID10T Killer said so.  He wouldn’t lie to me.


Oh, by the way, if you haven’t seen the movie “Moon” with Sam Rockwell, you might want to check it out.  I lump it in with “The Quiet Earth” and “Until the End of the World” in texture/taste/feel, but I really enjoyed it.


Saw this one this weekend.  Boy gets bamboo sword through the neck – turns out just fine.  Fair warning the link has a link itself to a pic of him and his mom prior to having it removed.  They both look so maximum serious, as you should expect.

And to lighten that load, get a load of this.  Russian women encouraged to get nekkid in support of Putin.  Thank you, Fark, for that one.  That was a fun read.

The campaign, being run by a group calling itself the “Putin Army,” posted a promotional video on a Russian social networking website over the weekend calling for women to rip their clothes off in support of Putin.

“I’m just crazy about a man who changed our country,” a voice-over says, as busty “Diana” walks through Moscow.


Later in the video, Diana and two friends paint “I’ll tear [clothes off] for Putin” onto T-shirts before ripping them off and calling for other “young, smart and beautiful” girls to “tear off something for Putin” and post a video of it online. The winning entry will take home an iPad.

The implication being that someone should be present to appreciate the gesture, which I’m pretty sure didn’t present a grave difficulty.

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Yes, it’s a lite post tonight.  It’s like lite beer with extra estrogen.

Not that there’s anything wrong with estrogen, but there generally isn’t a sense of having consumed something lite when you drink a real beer.  No, I’m not drinking beer.  I’m posting almost about nothing, though, so it’s “Post Lite” night.

The only thing I was going to post was really to link to an article by Slate, which predicts 2012 in 2011 if the government defaults.  Essentially the world will stop spinning and we will all fly off into space or something.

No, when our economy collapses and society breaks down it will be over something more real than that.  It’s coming, but I don’t think it is coming because a bunch of idiots are playing a game to see who blinks first.

Oh, the other gifts on the “Standard Schedule of Anniversary Gifts” that Aggie swears her husband should never see… (first sixteen are found here)

17th:  Vinyl

18th:  Ink

19th:  Plexiglas™

20th:  Straw

21st:  Aloe

22nd:  Terra Cotta

23rd:  Teflon™

24th:  Film

25th:  Silver

26th:  Soy

27th:  Balsa

28th:  Sponge

29th:  Cardboard

30th:  Soup

31st:  Terry Cloth

32nd:  Suede

33rd:  Glue

34th:  Down

35th:  Burlap

36th:  Wood Grain

37th:  Glycerin

38th:  Wicker

39th:  Soil

40th:  Ice

41st:   Paprika

42nd:  Spandex

43rd:  Foil

44th:  Tissue

45th:  Cork

46th:  Velcro™

47th:  Rope

48th:  Cast Iron

49th:  Frosting

50th:  Gold

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Urban Cat using catoflage in his natural environment.


Have some fun over at H&B with the hot cartoon.


I’m appalled:

Some congressional Democrats appeared to be on the verge of open revolt against their own president Thursday night after hearing some of the details in the $3 trillion plan – a package many of them contend does not do nearly enough to ensure wealthier Americans share in the burden of stemming the tide of Washington’s red ink.

Wealthy Americans pay by far the largest share of taxes – it is the lowest half that doesn’t pay anything that ought to be “sharing the burden”.  And get rid of the bloated public sector, for ****’s sake.

More later…

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According to the Happy Anniversary card Cruel Wife gave me, the “Standard Schedule of Anniversary Gifts”…

1st: Paper
2nd: Plastic
3rd: Caulking
4th: Talc
5th: Duct Tape ™
6th: Styrofoam ™
7th: PVC
8th: Gelatin
9th: Latex
10th: Naugahyde ™
11th: Rayon
12th: Spackle ™
13th: Fiberglass
14th: Oil
15th: Salt
16th: Cortisone

I got a card (the aforementioned one) with a small tube of cortisone inside.  Funny, I thought I’d be getting something like “Terry Cloth” (#31).  It just seems like so much longer than 16 years.  The fun kind of longer.  Yeah.

Plus, I got a bouquet from Cruel Wife. Because I’m not a fan of flowers (read: I hate them) she did a manly-man’s bouquet.

Yes, that is a “vase” made of a full roll of duct-tape, a Red Bull can (shredded), a full can of Red Bull, pork rinds, lots of dead cow in various forms, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Cheezy Poofs.

And gummy bears, cheezits, bbq potato chips, and Habanero Slim Jims.

If I understand it right people got a laugh out of what she was doing during lunch (building me a bouquet).

My present to her?  I shared my teriyaki jerky, a slim jim, a bunch of gummy bears, and some pork rinds.  I know – I’m a keeper, right?

I’ll be honest, for some reason every year except one I think it is on the 25th.  I don’t forget, I just get the day wrong, which ought to count for something.   And before you bash me silly on that issue, she forgot it entirely one year, until she showed up at home and asked why I had the fancy dinner all made up from scratch.

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Neck Update, Part 637.

Saw the nurse practitioner who works with the pain doc yesterday.

MRI does show a bulged disc at C4-5 that is pressing on nerves. First thing to try is a higher-risk epidural, next month, so see if that provides some short-term relief.

Second thing to try is an endoscopic discectomy (I think I got that one right).  The NP looked at me and said “I won’t lie to you, it hurts like hell”. What the hell does that mean, exactly?  Pain is really really subjective.  I am like the guy from XKCD below…

Imagined Pain.

How long?  Two to three weeks of extreme pain.

Huh. Well, by now I’ve developed a healthy fear of pain and am kind of spooked by the idea but at the same time I don’t feel like I’ve got a choice – what this is like now is not really living.  When you are afraid of moving your head the wrong way, deathly afraid of sneezing, and are using a cane or walking stick to keep your balance, rest your head on when standing still, and to keep from bouncing around as you walk you probably need to do something.

If only there was a way to map “hurts like hell” onto my pain scale.  Ten for me is a compound fracture.  I’ve gone to the hospital twice for nines that went on for hours.  But what if the NP’s “hurts like hell” works out to a new measurement’s “10”?  How do I know in advance?  Or could it be that I’ll get there and say “Oh, this is how I feel after a long day in the lab anyway”?

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I’m so excited!  This fall I will finally get Cheesy Poofs and the bag will read “Cheesy Poofs” and not something like “Natural Cheetos”, which are indeed cheesy, poofy, and… well, they’re cheesy and poofy but gosh darn it they aren’t called that.  They need to be specifically called “Cheesy Poofs”.

Sadly, someone must risk actually entering Wal-Mart in order to buy them – most likely Cruel Wife – but it’s a risk and a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Speaking of cheesy poofs, want to see the best picture of my kitty Wide Load Jilly-Boo?  She’s wide and a real load as you can see in the picture.  I’m surprised we don’t have to grease her up to get her through doorways.  She’s started to suck in small moons and asteroid-type objects.  She got her own zip code recently.  Half of Ethiopia could be fed for three weeks – off of one haunch.

Click on the pic to make Jilly bigger, as if you really need to.

I am her human.  She has laid claim to me and tries to stand on my chest every single night as I read before bed.  It wasn’t a problem until she hit 18 pounds or so.  In case you are wondering, yes that is an awful job I did of de-spookifying her eyes, which had the shiny cat eye thing going on so bad they were brighter than the noonday sun.

Here she is just after we brought in some of our industrial-strength catnip – fresh from the backyard.  From the way her head moved you’d have thought we tried to scare her with a nice mix of chlorine and bleach, but this was her “I’m so happy I wouldn’t care if you shot me at this very moment” body language, where she started to roll and growl.


Just a few minutes ago one or both of them jumped up onto the counter to score some weed (their catnip).  Cruel Wife came around the corner and found them sitting there and half comatose.

Note how Jilly-Boo is behind Jack-Cat and she still looks bigger.  He’s 13 pounds.  He’s no small cat.


Boy is it ever a good thing they got him off the bench – it allowed him to clean himself up and turn his life around.

Not really.  This guy is a living train wreck.  Judge —> pervert —> DUI —> inmate —> stalker —> pervert again —> DUI/possession.

Hey, he’s found his calling.  A lot of people never figure out what their niche is.

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Our cat – Jack – has been whizzing all over the house, and I don’t mean “moving fast”.  It all started about the time he snuck outside and stayed there the whole day – shortly thereafter my dad came to visit for four days with his wife.

He’s whizzed four feet off the floor.  I can’t do that, so I have to wonder what kind of internal pressures cats are capable of.

At the vet’s office they looked at his urine test results, stuck a thermometer up his butt (at which point he lost his cool about the whole “let’s go to the vet” thing), palpated everything (hiss, phffffft), looked at his eyes and teeth (phffft, phfffft, growl), and checked his paws (double helpings on everything all around).

The vet concluded what I could have told him – that it was behavioral – and I knew this to 99-and-four-nines percent certainty.   Odds are that the black cat who keeps going through our yard is freaking him out and dad’s visit didn’t help matters.

What was the doc’s advice?  10 mg Amitriptyline once daily.  Great, my cat is on antipsychotics.

Of course we all knew that cats are psychotic furry little animal-world gangsters, anyway.  Or small irritable french women in cheap fur coats.

And at the pharmacy the gal asked if I was from Texas.

No, but I drove through northern Texas once.  No family there, either.

I found out that there is another me, by the same exact name, in Texas.  He has a Jack, too.  A dog though.  I told the gal that the odds weren’t high for that combination and she thought it strange, too.  Good thing the other me’s dog wasn’t a cat or I’d have gotten wiggy.

I got home and threw a pill down his gullet.  He’s been waaaaay sleepy ever since.  Kind of nice because he’s not picking on his sister.


Cool science thing for today… using DNA to order quantum dots.


Mmmm… Mobius bacon.  The plan was to put this over two eggs sunny-side up with a few IED’s next to it all and call it the “Grand Salaam Breakfast – Two Mobius Strips and Moons over IED’s.  But gosh-darn it, I’m tired and it was frankly starting to look like too much work.  So anyway, there’s some mobius bacon.  Wonder how it’d look on a tote or a t-shirt…

In related news, I gave up trying to do a Klein Pig.  Maybe later.  It was making my brain smoke.


That’s funny… the guy has never been known for his sense of humor unless you thought he could walk on water, in which case you had to laugh at his jokes, or else be left behind after the Rapture.

“That’s why all his confirmation — all the answers at his confirmation hearings will be in a form of a question,” Obama said to silence.

“That’s a joke,” he reminded the audience.

Obama’s lead souffle falling as he babbled about nominating Richard Cordray to run the consumer bureau

Thing is, Big O, if you have to tell someone it is a joke you might as well not draw attention to yourself with an even more awkward thing like saying “That’s a joke”.  Because then it’s like wrassling a girl – if you win, you beat a girl – if you lose, you got beaten by a girl.  If you have to say it was a joke then either yet again no one will find it funny – OR – they’ll do this little pity-chuckle which is even worse.   You lost, man – let it go.


Hey, good news kid!  You get your cast off today!  And then you get a new one after the re-attachment surgeries to put your fingers back on.  Way to go, dad.

more later

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Malo… malo…

Our satellite receiver is dead.  Of all the times to go dead… TODAY is the first episode of the season for Breaking Bad.  Oh, the humanity…


Okay, this kind of attention-whore grin is the sort of thing that requires the woman to be locked up in restraints until such time as her baby can be taken away and given to someone that isn’t so obviously ****ed in the head.

Sorry, but there you are.

Thank you, DailyMail, for giving us a nice pic of smiling Emma Veness, pathetic attention-whore


#1 on page 2… I heard about this place as a kid and desperately wanted to go there.  Now I read about how deadly dangerous the place was.

Please, if you have been there, could you tell us about what you thought of it overall, whether you got creamed by any part of it, and what you thought was the scariest ride? 


Yes, I’m cranky lately… why do you ask?

Great, more water police.

McCartney speculates that the “8 cups of water a day myth” is being propagated by bottled water companies that are out to make a profit.

McCartney notes that a new international health initiative called “Hydration for Health,” which promotes drinking more water for a healthier lifestyle, is sponsored by Danone, which markets the Evian and Volvic bottled water brands.

“There are many organizations with vested interests who would like to tell doctors and patients what to do. We should just say no,” she says

McCartney argues that there is no high quality published evidence to support claims that drinking increased amounts of water offers benefits. She says reports that increased water can improve concentration and mental performance in kids, for example, have not been confirmed by research studies.

While there are some health conditions that do benefit from drinking more water, such as in people with recurrent kidney stones, the fluid’s ability to prevent disease is conflicting, at best, she says.

A number of experts were quick to lash back.

In comments sent in to BMJ.com, Caroline J. Edmonds, a senior lecturer at the School of Psychology at the University of East London said she knows there is “well established literature” about the negative effects of dehydration on mental skills, both in adults and in children, which McCartney didn’t mention.

Absolutely, yes, it is known that dehydration is bad for you.  But who the hell determined that everyone needs the same amount of water to remain hydrated?

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