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In order to make the original stuff more palatable, here’s a good story.  I find it really hard to dislike a guy who does this sort of thing.  Lt. Dan Band:  For the Common Good.


I am not making a statement about the issue of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

I am talking about a court that is incapable of distinguishing between bias and prejudgment.

Court Orders Immediate Halt to Gay Military Ban

I read that title on Fox and knew without even looking that it was the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  Without even waiting until the case started I could have told you it was a foregone conclusion for the most liberal court in the nation to rule the way that it did.

I don’t much care for a court that cannot possibly listen to the merits of a case and rule based on rule of law.

Bias says “if I can rule in a certain way I will,” and that is fine.  No one is without bias.  Prejudgment says “I will rule a certain way.”   That is not acceptable.

If one can immediately tell which court made a ruling then that court should be examined more closely.

What surprises me is that they would even bother to hear the case given that Congress already repealed DADT and the Pentagon is working on implementing new policy.  This smacks of judicial activism and opportunism in trying to establish precedent where none would normally need to be established.

Again, I’m talking about legal issues, not DADT.

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