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More Chins than a Hong Kong telephone directory.  That’s my kitty Jilly-boo.

See the chins? She has lots more now. That's an old picture.

Apparently we humans in the US are getting that way, too.  Quick… everybody panicOne in five of us is pudgy, just like Jilly-boo.

Over the last two decades, people in the United States have been eating less nutritious food and more of it. At the same time, activity levels have fallen, Levi said.

“If we’re going to reverse the obesity trends, willpower alone won’t do it. We’re going to have to make healthier choices easier for Americans,” Levi said.  (Jeff Levi, executive director of the Trust for America’s Health)

Making healthier choices requires willpower, you idiot.  But we don’t need the gov’t or some control group doing it for us.

Will you be surprised if the Trust for America’s Health is outed as a George Soros funded initiative?  Well, it IS a Soros-funded initiative.  No lie.

When I hear someone say “We’re going to have to make healthier choices easier for Americans,” what I really hear is “We know what is good for you and we’ll eliminate anything we don’t like until all you can do is choose from what we choose for you.”

We do what we must, because we can…  – Aperture Science

Welcome to yet another area where your life will be controlled if you don’t watch out.  You, too, could live in a controlled area like New York City.

If I want to be obese, it’s my choice, and the gov’t can just get it’s own pudgy butt out of my choices.

More later tonight.

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