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Darned guns…

People don’t shoot penises… guns shoot penises.  Just in the last day I heard of a guy that shot off a testicle, and then I heard this one.

About the time you blow your weenie off with a pink handgun, it’s time to swear off guns forever.  I would have more pity for the guy if he hadn’t actually shoved a loaded and chambered (pink) gun into his pants.

Compassion for those stupider than I, youbetcha.  Pity for a move like that?  Meh.


Ok, this lady is cooler than any thousand of us combined.  Many many thanks for Fark – that was an article worth reading.

I have only one thing to say: I killed a lot of Germans, and I am only sorry I didn’t kill more.  – British Spy and Saboteur Nancy Wake


You know, you would think that the police could give the guy credit for a cool beer cooler.  But no, he nets a DUI


Speaking of gun control…  Yay!  My favorite zombie speaks again!  If only he could find some braaaaaaaaainsssss.  Now he’s griping about S&P and the illegality of them doing their job.

This guy is just nothin’ but raw material for mockery.  He doesn’t even need makeup in order to look rotten and gross.


You know how every now and then I say “When your time is up, it is up”?  Well, the opposite is true.  Sometimes your ticket is not going to be punched regardless of what happens to you.


More later as I stumble around the net.

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