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Hey, everyone’s got problems, right?

As of Tuesday at 6 p.m. Sturdivant has been on the tower for 128 hours.  – Oklahoma, newson6.com

Why, when a guy climbs up a 300 foot tower and refuses to come down… why do you keep bringing him tasty food?

Note:  Link from last night was bad, and this is the updated web page at newsat6.com, which may or may not have the direct quotes I found last night – but you will have the story.  


Verb: Treat (someone) very indulgently or protectively.

A Tulsa Police negotiator spoke with Sturdivant for several hours Tuesday afternoon.  The negotiator was hoisted up in a bucket, where he talked with Sturdivant, and at one point, even grabbed his hand.

Tuesday morning Sturdivant asked for a meal from Whataburger, then asked for Oreos and milk, according to police.

Tulsa officer Leland Ashley said there were no plans to try to force him down from the tower and said it would be logistically impossible to place a net under the tower in case he fell because the structure is so massive.

I don’t mean to sound heartless but… come on.  Whataburger, Oreos, and milk?  One would think if you gave him stale bread and water, and then held a burger out to him with the promise of a big juicy bite of it when he came down, then he’d come down a lot sooner.

Ok, I’ll be fair – odds are that he goes in for 72 hour observation.  Which probably should be waived because he’s already given them 128 hours to observe him.

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