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Texas Smoldering

It’s not sweltering because it’s not Michigan.  I hear there is a fire going on somewhere in the state but it is not here.

But it was 105 today.

Yeah, but it’s a dry heat.

I got up, threw on my jeans and a t-shirt, jumped in the jeep and tore out of the driveway.

Then I turned around, went back home, threw the luggage in the vehicle and woke the kids to say goodbye for a few days.

Ran into work, stopped long enough to throw together one last panicky overnight box and issue a few vague orders and ran out the door there, too.

The airport was interesting.  An absolutely scary lady was heading right towards me and in my state it’s hard for me to change direction rapidly.  It was a collision course in the making.  She had some kind of fake wig, a big old mu-mu, mis-shapen face, five o’clock shadow, large nose, and huge pores… I was freaking out because we were heading right towards each other.  Then, about fifty feet away she veered off.

Yes, painkillers and Red Bull™ are quite a combination to behold.

I might have said something silly earlier about first class accommodations on the flight, complete with footrubs, aromatherapy, chocolate fondue, and all-you-can-eat-ribs.  Seriously, can you see me flying First Class?

The coffee was pretty good though.

Waited 30 minutes outside in sunny Dallas heat, which since it was a dry heat was quite pleasant.

The van ride to the hotel was… interesting… but that is a story for another day.

Cruel Wife says that even though I’d rather be at home, I need to take her out to dinner to treat her after all the good food I’m going to have eaten down here.

I told her that I was going to eat nothing but root vegetables while down here.

I just finished a Rutaburger with turnip fries and a Jerusalem artichoke puree.  Picture of that tomorrow if I can find the USB cable to the camera.

For now, I have to rest.  I’m wiped.

Been watching “Troy” on SyFy (worst damn name for a channel I’ve ever seen).  It’s easily the worst Homerism I’ve seen yet today.  Maybe some people liked it.  I was underwhelmed.  Which is too bad since generally I like Pitt and Bana.

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