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Boycotting myself…

Update:  As awful as this will sound, it’s stories like this that lift my spirits.  No, breaking and entering doesn’t deserve a death sentence but the fact remains – had he decided to be a law-abiding citizen and not tried to steal from other people he would be alive today.

Columbus police Sgt. Steven Little tells The Columbus Dispatch investigators believe the man broke a window to enter the apartment and severed an artery on his arm in the process.

Little says the apparent intruder “sat down on the floor and bled to death.” Police believe the man died Sunday or Monday, when the body was found.

If more people cut themselves and bled to death while committing a crime there would be a lot less crime.

As veeshir noted a few days ago, I seem to be boycotting my own blog, which he heartily approves of.

Perhaps “boycotting my own blog” is not the proper terminology.

As you know, I haven’t been doing so very hot physically and I’ve been working these ridiculous hours while also traveling.

Just two hours ago I got done with the second epidural in three weeks.

They asked to set up another appointment for a third epidural in four weeks, but… and this “but” is a doozy… but, if I don’t see any improvement by one week from today I am to go to a surgeon.  It looks like the newest of the symptoms – a burning sensation where there was pain and numbness in my left thumb and forefinger means that if the epidural doesn’t work then it’s a sign of things that need more aggressive treatment.

It probably means the hack-n-slash surgery, not the laser kind, and it freaks me out a bit.


Difficulty in finding work may scar young Americans?  I prefer to think that adversity encourages personal growth but it can never be that if one looks at it as a life-altering negative.

Teenagers hung out on street corners and on the steps of boarded-up buildings in impoverished downtown Newburgh one blisteringly hot August day this year.

With the economy still in the doldrums and government summer work programs losing funding, there was little for them to do in this town about 60 miles north of New York City.

They were not alone: It was the worst summer on record for U.S. teenagers seeking work, delaying millions of young Americans’ entry into the labor force and creating a generation that history suggests may be scarred by the experience.

Cruel Wife and I were both out of work for eight months (at different times) and I think I can say that we both grew as a result.  Yes it was tough.  Scarred, though?

This chaps my ‘nads:

“There’s also the social aspect: You’re suggesting to them they are not worth that much, when at 19 they can’t even get crummy jobs.”

Tim Barnicle, a former assistant secretary of labor in the Clinton administration

There are wider consequences too: a lack of morale may sap energy out of the generation on whose shoulders the burden of paying for the retirements of the baby boomers will lie.

Hey, I thought Social Security was where we paid for our own retirements?  :-7

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