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On The View, you can’t get more blatant than that:

Host Barbara Walters used the n-word while explaining the story, causing co-host Sherri Shepherd to take offense. Shepherd says she didn’t like the way Barbara Walters said it. However, Shepherd was okay with Whoopi Goldberg, the main host of “The View,” using it. Shepherd explained herself:

“When I heard you (Whoopi) say it, it was fine. You said it a different way. When I heard you (Barbara) say it, I didn’t like the way you said it. Because when you say it, you say [inaudible]. And I don’t like [inaudible],” Shepherd said.

This left Barbara Walters confused and wanted to know the proper way to say the n-word. However, Shepherd told Walters there is no right way for her to say it.

Walters said the n-word once in the segment while Whoopi Goldberg used the word nearly a dozen times.

Ah.  But this isn’t racism.  This is really a matter of a white woman talking when she should shut up.  According to Shepherd (who is black), as long as a sister says “nigger” den dat’s ok, but Babs Walters ain’t never goan say it prop’ly.

Love that double standard, Ma’am.

Honestly, I don’t like the word in any way, shape, or form.  I’m not even so hot on blacks using it on each other.  I was brought up to find it about as coarse and vulgar as someone using the “c”-word.  I’ve only used that word twice in my life and never to a woman’s face, and I can’t recall if I ever uttered the “n”-word in anger and aimed at anyone.  Maybe once, and even then, in the case of both words, it felt wrong.

So what’s up with the evolution of it being ok to use the “n”-word when so many blacks tried to strike it from all books, including Tom Sawyer, when for the time period the word was socially acceptable?  Is it a “we’re part of a club” kind of thing where a shared identity is reinforced via selective approval of what is considered a taboo word?  I’m thinking it very much is a culture of exclusion and a chance to beat on someone in a way that is “acceptable” or suddenly “justifiable”.

Sometimes you call a spade a spade.

Note:  Go look up the origination of the expression and you’ll find it predates the usage of “spade” as a slur for/against blacks by a LONG shot, like 1542.

For being part of a supposed racist organization (twice, if you count being white and a member of the Tea Party), I just don’t get it.  Probably because I’m white I’ll never get the nuances.


I really feel like I’ve been neglecting some boycotters who were once readers.  Now, I can’t name names but it was veeshir.  So in what is likely to be a wasted attempt to win him back:

Tasteful w/o Being Trashy - veeshir bait

I am 100% positive that (1) She is not a hooker, and (2) she’s somewhat deadly.  I don’t know, maybe you’re the type that doesn’t mind if you have your head eaten off during sex.  If you’re going to go… well, sit down and have a thinkover about the whole thing for a day or two.  Wasn’t quite sure where to put it but here’s the obligatory “How’s her dictation?”


I haven’t given Nazi Surf Kittens Must Die any attention in a long while, and I should, I know…  but this was beautiful – it brought a tear to my eye it was so caustic.  SOYLENT GREEN posted it over there at NSKMD, and Aggie (Hookers and Booze – yes, that Aggie – also of Sithy Things):

If I’d known my niece was going to turn out as she has, I would have gotten my sister a dingo for a baby shower present.  – leeann (a blogger)


Fox News Poll: Voters Say Bad Leadership to Blame for Economy More Than Bad Luck

I’m not a huge fan of polls because the only poll worth a damn is at the polling station on election night, but this still doesn’t look great for Obama.  I’m still not sure why this should have come as a surprise to anyone but there you have it.

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