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But I’ll take any luck you might casually throw out on the curb and take it home to line my house with.

Yes, ending a sentence with a preposition… very bad…

I go see the surgeon in about an hour.  See if they can fix my neck.  Discs sucked out by needle (preferred), discs cut out by knife in various ways, or by fusion of vertebrae.

It’s all rather distasteful but so’s putting up with this constellation of symptoms pointing at the offending parts, pain and numbness being foremost.  I guess Yog-sothoth and Nyarlhotep weren’t going to go down without getting a few more painful Old Gods into the act.  (taobmaetS ooGcM, you will have to help me here where I’ve gotten the mythos wrong)

I don’t much care anymore as long as they fix it, or do something.

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