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I forget how many days it has been since we started our new eating lifestyle.  Cruel Wife is smoking me in terms of dealing with it well.  She’s a machine.

Me, I’m fixated on food. The Dude sent me the link to this.  Nice catch, man.  Nice catch.  Me, I just got a craving for smoked pork butt.


Inscrutable Halfbreed walked into my office yesterday.  He’s the guy whose American dad met his mom, who  is full-blooded Korean-heritage and they came back to the states and had a family.  His mom makes kimchi that I weep over – beautiful woman, just beautiful.  She puts a righteous amount of chili flakes in the kimchi.

We got to talking about British tv, such as Dr. Who, Life on Mars, and Wire in the Blood and were wondering why so many of their shows are really quite superior to the crap coming out of Hollywood.

He said he was watching this one British movie and he could not keep up with it because he kept getting confused, saying “I couldn’t tell the women apart – they all look the same to me.”

He stopped and looked at me inscrutably.

I froze, deadpanned, and one eye started blinking arrhythmically.  I pursed my lips on one side and looked right, up at the ceiling, to the left, and back up again without focusing on anything.  I shifted to my other haunch and looked back at him.  I leaned forward and finding no respite from the awkwardness there I finally settled back in my chair, my mouth working kind of uselessly.  I started to say something and then stopped several times all the while Inscrutable Halfbreed looked at me with increasing inscrutableness.

“You don’t like a British show because… they… all… … look… … … alike?”  I fidgeted, trying sound aloof.

He stared at me inscrutably some more – he cranked that dial up to 11.

“Ok… you do realize that you just said that you couldn’t tell the Brits apart.  You do realize how funny that is, correct?”

Inscrutable Halfbreed is highly intelligent and knew damn well what the score was here.  “Yes, yes.”

“I’m blogging this, you know.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

You should know that Inscrutable couldn’t just be a doorman, he could be the door.  Just goes to show you how awesome genetics really are.  So when he decides to look inscrutable with a hint of irritation you just know fun things are happening under the surface.


Anyway, he can’t be too mad because he sent me this link to Social Eatz where this can be found… this burger cannot FAIL.  It cannot.

Korean for “mixed meal”, it’s ground beef with a slow cooked egg,
covered in lettuce and served with pickled carrot and cucumber.

Crap, I forgot to attribute the photo - it was from Social Eatz's site - their picture, their burger, the works - I'm just hoping someone sees this and tells me how good it is and what I am missing.

Good golly, let’s eat.  Too bad it is in New York.  This is as close to NYC as I want to get.
I could be enticed to go there to try the Hanoi burger, however.  Pretty sure Jane Fonda had nothing to do with that one.  Give me a squeezy bottle of fish sauce and I’d be in heaven…
Ground beef with mint, lemongrass, cilantro and red onion topped
with lettuce and served with a chili mayo and a sweet onion jam.
Yup.  Europe is so much more advanced, cultured, enlightened than us boorish uncouth trogs here in the US.  Way to go, Greece, for turning what was a first-world country into something that aspires to 3rd world status.  Children being abandoned by families into the streets.  This sort of thing is heartbreaking – doubly so – because these parents prior to this apparently lost the instinct that makes you take care of your children even at the cost of your own life.  You do NOT just abandon your child.  At the very least, have the guts to dump the kid in person.  You may be worthless or even unable to care for them but at least have the spine to do it in person.  If you died tomorrow would you want your last act to be “I abandoned my child” or “I had to leave my child with someone who could care for him/her while I found a job that could feed us and I planned to visit daily or as often as I possibly can.”  Big difference.

Athens’ Ark of the World youth centre said four children, including a newborn baby, had been left on its doorstep in recent months.
One mother, it said, ran away after handing over her two-year-old daughter Natasha.
Four-year-old Anna was found by a teacher clutching a note that read: ‘I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her. Please take good care of her. Sorry.’

Triply sad is that even with joblessness sky-high there should still be enough families that are getting by and have hands to help others and they are not helping.  You can be out of work but until you find it, you can help watch kids, check on your neighbors, keep an eye out for criminals using the upset to take advantage of others.  It’s the time to pull your society together for common good, not fall apart.  The minute you dump your kids you’ve show that you are only a part of the problem with little or no solution to provide.

It’s not like I needed a lot more evidence but the Occupy folks by and large seem to be of the same mindset, needing others to take care of them rather than them take care of others (liberal thinking).   Abandoned baby found in tent.

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