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Ok, this meddling _insert_profanity_here and her ideas are beyond the pale.

But, then again, the more stupid things she and Reservoir Tip do, the quicker they’ll be packing their (fecal matter) up and exiting the White House.  Keep up the good work, MO!


Who knows what reCaptcha is?

If you don’t, it is a web-app that attempts to stop spam and use the reader to interpret words or snippets of book’s contents.  It is kind of cool except I can’t stand human-tests like this.  I can’t read most of them anyway and I’m fully human, last time I checked.

A spambot won’t know what the gibberish word is that uses negative/positive backgrounds and lettering, and on the other snip the person may be able to, or if enough people take a stab at it, they may be able to do a recognition on something the computer can’t read.

Here is what I got today to verify that I was human.  FOR THE RECORD, I COULD NOT READ EITHER ONE.

On an english-speaking website, no less.

So will we be looking at world domination by muslims on top of the whole Terminator/Skynet issue?  Compound insult and injury.

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