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Went in for the CaT scan on Saturday morning.  Nothing unusual to report other than the contrast dye.

I told my daughter they have a special cat with a magnifying glass fitted over one eye and that he looks you all over upsy-downsy and meowfs if he sees something.

The gal says “Ok, we need to inject this into you so we can see the bone and bits-o-stuff.”  Bits of stuff probably wasn’t the technical terminology.  But she continued on, “Well, a lot of people get a warm fuzzy feeling, or flushed, or sometimes hot, but a very common side effect is that you’re going to feel like you really have to pee badly.”

“Oh, so I should go now?  I’d just as soon go now.”

“Oh sure, but don’t worry, I haven’t once had anyone wet themselves in the scanner.”

(How about just afterwards?)

They put me in the scanner, did some things, did some other things, and then she says “I’m going to have the machine inject the dye now.”


The warmth started at the roof of my mouth, went to the back of my mouth, and made a beeline for my bladder.


And a few seconds later, it was gone.

Maybe they’ll call me today with the results.

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