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Pissed off.

Our male cat, Jack O. Katt, has some issues.  One thing that issues from his furry carcass is urine.

This is fine.  This is normal and good.  It’s a sign of a healthy cat.

Yet in an insecure and territorial male cat who sees an outdoor cat wander by his window in an admittedly cocky and disrespecting fashion – daily – tends to want to mark his own domain.

His domain is our domain since he is a house cat and the items that suffer are legion.  Just a few things:  Clothes, rugs, bookcases, walls, wicker trunks, and recently a framed and matted picture of Cruel Wife and her sisters, Crazy Sister and Driven Sister.

Naturally the last item prompted Cruel Wife to put up curtains in the bay window to restrict the incarcerated kitty from viewing unwelcome visitors.

I just told him “So, you lost your room with a view.  So sorry, but if you hadn’t pissed all over the house this might not have happened.  Look, you get three squares a day, a large house to nap in anywhere you like, you get a generous medical and benefits package and the retirement plan is to die for.  Is it so much to ask that you sit around and look pretty, purr every now and then, and not piss on the furnishings?”

He just stared at me.

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