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The opener… a teacher found to have been a pr0nstar.  Not unheard of.  I mean, who hasn’t starred in one or two? †

In a letter sent yesterday to Haydock parents, school brass noted that they are “asking teachers to discourage the children from searching for and/or visiting these inappropriate sites. We ask that you be particularly vigilant over the next few days with respect to the Internet content being accessed by your child on his or her telephone or other Internet-ready device.”   – The Smoking Gun, reporting on a teacher placed on leave after someone “accidentally stumbled across” her porn movies  (link here:  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/teacher-stars-in-porn-768912

Asking teachers to discourage their children from searching for and/or visiting these inappropriate sites…

blink… blink… nods earnestly… blink… blink…

Really?  This is like pouring sugar on the ground at a picnic to keep away ants.

The “school brass” should be let go because obviously they couldn’t successfully fold socks or figure out which end of the toothbrush is the end that goes in the mouth, they are just that stupid.

A California middle school teacher has been placed on leave after administrators learned from students that the educator appears in porn videos available online.

Learned from students?  Really?  Oh, I imagine someone in that school district new full well what “experiments” Ms. Halas was up to before the kids ever did.

I love how one superintendent used the words “moral turpitude” and “penal code” all in the same sentence.  If anybody needs me I’ll be going to look up “turpitude”.

What kids haven’t already seen it will now be flocking to it and it is a hopeless lost cause.  Know when to just remain silent.  This is like trying to do damage control as the Titanic is going down.  Heh… “going down”… heh.

I will say, the teacher has some large… uh… “floatation devices”.   And a quick web-search… yeah, give it up, you guys.

Besides me, that is.


Now, before we get all schadenfreuded out over the demise of Carbonite after Rush Limbaugh’s inelegant depiction of Sandra Flake, the Whore-o-Babylon activist who joined college in order to have a nifty sandbox to crap in, let’s take a step back and look at their stock performance over a period of one year, shall we?

Now, I’m no rock-it scientist but that there looks like a pretty decent downward trend, and yeah, there was a dip that was pretty tell-tale right after their fit of pique once they heard El Rushbo trash-talking Flake… but they look like they have been growing rancid and stale for quite a while now.

Sometimes a phallus-shaped thing really is just a cigar.

Yes, I know it is “Sandra Fluke”, not “Flake”.


FOLKS, THIS IS WHY EUROPE STINKS LIKE A WEEK-OLD FLOUNDER LYING IN THE SUN.  I saw this one Smoking Gun’s World’s Dumbest Inventions #5 (I think it was #5).

Italian fashion house Emilio Cavallini has found that European men are ready and eager to don pantyhose. Will American dudes follow suit?

Seriously.  Mantyhose.  Over the years I have come to find that I have a surprising number of gay friends and generally don’t think of things in these terms anymore, but here is all I can really say about that…

How gay do you want to be, guys?

Crap, that’s about two steps away from cruisin’ in black leather chaps and yay far from a dress.


It was late in yesterday’s posting so if you missed it then… The Butcher of Lansing found a great clothing tag.

Reportedly a wymyn tweeted:

@Him_Me_Three yes. I find it very disrespectful to both men & women. A decent man can wash his clothes & it is not a womans job.

How is telling the truth sexist?


If more kids were handcuffed for being little creeps less kids would be little creeps.  Lady, punish your little snowflake and quit whining already.  Be a productive part of society and raise your kid to be, too.

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