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Quarter to 1/2 inch hail, can’t see the roads, torrential rain, and tornado warnings.

Man is this awesome.

On the way to get kids and got footage of the drive on the iPad.

The radio is pure static and the sky is flickering.

I repeat, I love this stuff. Really.

And people mosey around outside, volunteering to become a statistic. And I will be there.  The people who get hit by lightning are the ones that mosey around.


Stills that I took as soon as I realized that things were “not quite right”.  The horizon disappeared, for one.  And the sky went black – it was not blue as shown below.  Damn Apple and it’s crappy iPad cameras… the tornado was 90 degrees to the left and down the hill a short ways.

Here is where it touched down in Dexter…  I know that subdiv.  Passed within 1/4-1/2 mile of it as the sirens went off.  A co-worker who takes the same route home says he saw it up close and personal and turned around to drive all the way to Chelsea.  He was not transformed into a salt lick by turning and looking back – just shook the dust off his boots and hauled ass home.

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