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Well as an aside, we appear to be in a transitional period and postings are kind of scarce.  Things are scary but could be worse.  We’re learning to live with the new realities.

On to the posting…


Thanks to FARK we have this one…

Is anesthesia a luxury when a 5-foot snake and Taco Bell proportions of gas are shoved up your ass?

Well, no, I wouldn’t think so… no.

I didn’t really make the connection that the article might be on colonoscopies.  I pictured a boa and antacid tablets used in some awful combination.

Go look at the link.

The first thing to strike me was that the doctor was wearing a mask.  I thought “DUDE… you’ve got a snake… shove up some guy’s BUTT… and you’re worried about your germs?

[Loooong silence after reading this to Cruel Wife… loooooong silence…]

Nope.  I got nothin’.


Hey, remember last week, I drove through Dexter to the sound of tornado sirens?  When I went through again, how I saw damaged buildings and downed trees?  And how friend and co-worker Butcher of Lansing saw the twister up close?

Check out this pic.  Where you see the red arrow, that is where I was when I heard the siren start up.   A few minutes later and I really would have been there.  Click on it and it will get bigger.  See the red arrow?  Bad magic.  Notice that abrupt jog that it makes as it goes NW to SE?  That’s where it decided to spare the downtown part of Dexter.  Well, wasn’t that considerate of it?


Again, FARK…

Asking for a Brazilian wax will result in a police call if you’re wearing blue pantyhose and are male

… ? … ?? … (to Cruel Wife) … ???… that really needed to be said?


Next time you are lamenting your issues with getting the kids to go to bed, please, realize that it could be worse.  Much worse.  Your 8 year old could drive your five year old to the store in your car at 2:30AM and total your car.  As you sleep.


Now, mothers at daycares may care that the teacher is hot-hot-hot and a model but I’m pretty sure there’d be a lot more fathers helping split the effort of getting them there and back.  I mean, damn, there’s just nothing wrong here that I can see.  Me?  I say “Oh get a grip you insecure mothers… you’re just envious that you don’t have that… and that… and that… and… oh my…”


How many times has this happened to you…?

“I could feel her breath on me. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.  I guess by instinct I rolled over so she wouldn’t hurt something vital. I didn’t know what she was going to do and then the bear bit me in my butt.”

Sounds like date night when the kids are away, doesn’t it?  Except for the bear part, I’m guessing.

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