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Still kicking.

Just tired.  Work, two kids now listed as autistic, a loss of a job in the family… well, it’s been real.  But we aren’t giving up.

The original use for Lysol (#5) thanks to Cracked.com.  I don’t even have the right parts and I was in empathy-laden pain just thinking about it.


Yes, I know I have ranted about Google and by extension this means Youtube is evil, too.  But dammit, this is an interesting clip of a family trying to drive out of the current forest fire.

As one who fought forest fires, this looks really… real.  Yes, it does sort of weirdly look like night under the right – errr… wrong circumstances.  This is kind of where you do not want to be.

That’s it for now.  Perhaps more later.

Yes, Aggie, we’re alive…

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