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Cruel Wife and Lemurita are out camping on one of those “wimmin only” outings so it is just myself and HackerBoy.

We got a large pizza last night – I ate half and he ate all of the other half minus one slice.

He taught me how to play Skylander™.  He’s too nice of a kid to say it to me but I know he’s come to the conclusion that I suck.  I know this because we met with Spaced Diode today and he said “Dad sucks at Skylander™”.


HackerBoy suggested on the way home that he maybe he ought to teach me “Lego Indiana Jones” because it is easier.  Double-ouch.  My son thinks that as far as video games go I’m on par with a retarded puppy.

Tonight, corn dog bites, tater tots, and chocolate pudding.  Man food.

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