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The Sith wanted a graphic, so a graphic she shall have…

I was on my way home tonight and stopped off in a neighboring town at a gas station where I’m a regular.

I got my 32 oz Red Bull™, some jerky, and an iced tea.  Iced tea is cheaper than water, did you know that?  Go figure.

I walked up to the cash register.  Cash Lady is a plain but amiable lady in her late 50’s.

Note:  To quote the great Dave Barry – I swear I am not making this up.

Me:  Howdy, Cash Lady.  You having a good evening?

Cash Lady:  Oh yes, fine, thanks.

Me:  I think that’ll be it for me – how much do I owe you?

Cash Lady:  That’ll be $7.31.

Me:  All right, here you go…

Cash Lady:  I have the next two days off.

Me:  Really?  I used to have Mondays and Tuesdays off.  It was nice because errands became much easier.

Cash Lady: (She hands me my money)  I suppose so.  I’m excited because I get to go see Elvis.

Me:  Beg pardon?

Cash Lady:  Yes, he’s going to do five shows over at the park and I’m going to see every one of them.

Me:  … … Uh. … … Elvis?

Cash Lady:  Yes, I’ve wanted to see him for years.

Note:  At this point, if she had reached under the counter to whip out a fresh harp seal and smacked me across the face with it I could not have been more surprised.  I was literally dumbstruck for a few moments.  I was lucky because I grasped for something to say and something was within reach – it’s one of those things that I store on one of my brain’s many shelves for just such an occasion – the occasions where nothing quite fits, like looking a Hallmark card that expresses “I’m sorry your stuffed cat got eaten by a giant rabid beaver”.

Me:  Yeah, I bet.  A lot of people say that.

Cash Lady:  I’m so excited.  I asked my boss for the time off and got it!

Me:  Well, ok, ma’am… well… have a good evening and enjoy The King.

Cash Lady:  Bye bye!

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Swampy U.

Another hurricane for New Orleans.  Seriously, if this one hits and lays waste to NO, I don’t want a single dime spent on rebuilding it or helping people out who live there.  Enough is enough.

It is sad, yes.  But the rest of us should not be on the hook for their poor judgment.



Past performance being an indicator of future possibility (not deterministic, however), this does not look good.  We’ll see how much energy that sucker picks up in the next 24 hours.


All the talking heads are saying either “we’re all gonna die” or “the economy is on the mend – the rate of jobless claims isn’t skyrocketing quite as fast.  Garbage doesn’t appear to lie so I’ll just trust in that.   GDP lags because it takes a while to collect and compile the data, but I’d say there’s a high degree of correlation.


I nearly gagged.  It’s always about Him, isn’t it?

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