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By now there may have been disease carriers in your area (children, for example) who have offered to infect you with a gastrointestinal ailment.

Let me offer this advice – under no circumstances accept this infection from any plague carriers that may be peddling their wares.  Seven days of this, and the most delicate way I can put this is to say “Geese have stood back in amazement at the efficiency of my intestinal tract.”

Co-worker Rectified Diode had it for fifteen days.  I advise you in the strongest terms possible to avoid it.


I’m honestly not sure… the Japanese have some amazingly cool cultural traits and I think the mindset formed by that culture is fascinating… but they’re off the rails at times.

Like injecting saline into your forehead and making a dimple so you look like you’ve got a bagel in your skull.

There just isn’t a great deal many things that are odder.  Sicker, yes.  Grosser, maybe, ok yes.  Mind-numbingly peculiar in its own class, absolutely.

Once his forehead is fully swollen and he has had the bagel’s “hole” pressed into it he looks in the mirror.

On seeing his “bagel head” reflection he smiles and says: “Oh sweet buttery bagels, I’m impressed.

“I look delicious.”

Ask yourself this question:  Can you point to any other culture where a person engaging in this behavior would say “I look delicious”?

Pay particular attention to the choice of words here:

“We stayed in contact, then eventually I experienced saline with him in 2003 and he gave me permission to bring it to Japan.”

When someone uses the words “… eventually I experienced _____ with him…” it is time to run.  It does not matter what they experienced, there is just no way to synthesize a sentence that works out in a normal social context.
Cruel Wife sent me a pic that I feel applies perfectly to Crazy Cat Lady (CCL) at work.
Obviously this is a horrifying example of animal cruelty because those cats had to be drugged in order for sixteen of them to sit still long enough for a photo.
Michael Savage is a peculiar thing for me.  On one hand I think he’s extremely intelligent.  On another hand I think he’s an egomaniac.  On another hand I really like him.  On yet another hand he bugs the everloving crap out of me.
But any guy who can piss off Great Britain enough to be banned from the country has my support.  That takes effort.  They won’t even ban Jeremy Clarkson and he’s been an ass for years.  But he managed to win in a court case to get out of a contract that he no longer wanted to be in and won.  Good for you, Savage.  Yes, yes, he signed a contract, but at some point (8 years) you ought to be able to say “Sorry, I don’t want to be part of this.”
aliceaitch may have a standing shoot-on-sight order out on me after my comment but I loved her post on the relative amount of housechores done by spouses.

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Glaciers be damned, we’ve got more important things going on today.

Note the involvement of Lemurita in this endeavor.


Time for a reality check.

Contrary to ideas about the disappearance of Pastoruri, engineer Benjamin Morales Arnao, local glaciologist, to state testing a method to reverse the thaw, though many may consider unorthodox, has already received its first positive results: Cover the ice with a layer of sawdust 15 cm thick. The experiment was carried out in the mounts Chaupijanca and Pastoruri. The results are clear: the fields look like a plateau covered in snow. Thus, the first glacier managed to keep four meters of ice and in the second five. “This material acts as an insulator. Contains cellulose and, thus, we managed to decrease the melting glacier. Although this method has worked well, we’ll be testing other alternatives”, refers Morales..  (Yes, wikipedia but reported on NPR today)

Let’s assume for the sake of a silly argument that SOYLENT GREEN is absolutely and utterly full of sh*t (and he is, by his own admission, just not about AGW and many other things †), and we’ll assume that AGW is “real”.

Note:  Hilariously, SOYLENT GREEN’s posting today is titled “Do The Math”…

Some numbers based on Arnao’s experiment.  Let’s propose that we are going to save that glacier (Pastoruri Glacier) using his method – cover a glacier with 150mm of sawdust.

AG (area Pastoruri glacier) = 3.1 km^2 = 3,100,000 m^2

DC (depth of chips) = 0.15m depth

VC (volume chips) = 465,000 m^3 = 608,197 yds (cubic)

Dens (oak ‡) = 600 lbs/yd

MC (mass of chips) = 364,918,224 lbs

MOT (mass of one oak tree) = 20,000 lbs

SNOTTMD (small number of oak trees that must die) = 18,245 oak trees for 3.1 km^2

(breathes, continues)

AGW (oopsie, area top 10 glaciers in the world) = 13,745,426 km^2

At 18,245 oaks per 3.1 km^2 it’s 5,885 dead oaks per km^2…

LNOOTTSTPG (large number of oak trees to save the planet’s glaciers) = 81,255,670,649 oak trees

Now, just prove to me that these numbers are any less silly than the bullsh*t numbers SOYLENT GREEN and others are fighting daily that have come out of Hansen, Gore, Briffa, Jones, etc.  Most of the numbers were researched educated guesses based on assumptions pulled out of my ass.  Just like science.

I’m pointing out what kind of fruitbats conduct experiments covering glaciers with sawdust.

So next time some idiot spouts off about saving the glaciers remind them that a fellow fruitbat suggested killing 81 billion trees to accomplish that mission.

SOYLENT GREEN is most definitely not full of shit unless he wants to be

Oak was used because there are a lot of numbers on it and denser trees make for more believable numbers than if we used pine trees

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Insert Word Here.

Cruel Wife told Hacker-Boy that he needed to get ready for bed.

His scowl, closed fists, set jaw, and head lowered – it was man language – I felt a need to translate for CW.

I said (sotto voce):  “You bitch.”

She looked at me, shaking her head.

“You know that’s what he was thinking about you… he just didn’t have the words.”

Which gave us both a good hearty laugh because it’s true.

We’re not so old we don’t remember being kids ourselves.


While we’re on that topic… right hand to God, this was my pre-pre-bedtime-story discussion with Lemurita…

She was complaining about how pizza is ruined.  She says “It tastes like garbage.  Miss Obama really messed up our pizza.”

Of course she is referring to Michelle O’s crusade to decide what is best for our children, as if we couldn’t decide.    And here.

I asked her “You do know why mom and I are conservative, right?” We’ll leave the concepts of conservative, libertarian, republicrats, liberal, commies (oops, already said liberal, didn’t I?), and the merits of each for when she’s older.

“What does that mean?”

“Well, for one thing – among many – it means that we believe that in this country we should have the right to choose what we do and don’t want to eat, that it isn’t up to our government to decide those things for us.  We tell them what to do, not the other way around.”

She said “Well, I think if people are brave enough, they should write to the government and tell them they want our food back.”

“I agree absolutely, Lemurita, with one teensy exception.  You know what that is?”

“No.  What?” she asked.

“I believe that we should never have to be brave to exercise our rights.  If you want to stand on the corner and shout out your opinion or go to the Mall in DC then you have that right because we live in a free country.  A lot of people in the world don’t get to do that, but we do.  It is just a matter of people getting off their butts and saying and doing things and voting.  That’s why we vote, so we can pick the people we want to go to Washington who will do what we want, not – for example – the unelected wife of our President.  Someday we may have a woman President and I’ll say for her husband what I say for the First Lady now – if you want to get involved in our government, run for office and get elected.  Don’t assume because your spouse was elected that it makes you special.”

Lemurita said “She sure ruined our pizza.”

She may be nine, but she’s been given a priceless lesson by the Obamas, which is rule of the people is far less palatable than rule by the people.

The kids take lunches to school now.  No way are we going to be a part of this ridiculous program.


Fox News is getting stupider by the day, I swear.  They posted this pic with the caption:

Emmy Style: Hot or Not?

Seriously?  This is the equivalent to saying:

Ribs: Hot or Not?

I mean, great googley moogley… just LOOK at them.


And here is a real live Public Safety Announcement from Lemur King (really really).

It was pointed out by my late mother-in-law, a chemist, that cooking the dish will not get rid of all the alcohol that you add to it for quite some time.  I was curious and damned if she wasn’t absolutely right.  So if you have a thing about exposure to ethanol in quantity, give it a think before you go tipping up a bottle of vino in your dish or flaming those pears with brandy.


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Siths Bearing Gifts

Note:  I am making this post a work-in-progress.  Hacker-Boy is making Portal 2 levels on Cruel Wife’s computer and needs guidance and maintenance.  Rather than not post at all, I’ll post this and tweak it as I am able.

Aggie Sith sent us a curio case that is chock full of the things our family likes – old-timey victorian stuff with definite steampunk flair.   It required an awful lot of thought and attention to detail on just our parts.  I do not know how SHE did it.  It is awesome.

A glass curio case stuffed with detail and cool things.

The thoughts that hit me when opening up this gift were:

  1. Wow, this is cool
  2. Geez, this is intricate
  3. Holy cow, this takes some serious mad art-skillz
  4. Crap, every thing in here is symbolizing something
  5. How the hell did she know about that?  (After noting some of the symbology)
  6. Sith is a bubbling cauldron of crazy that should never be stirred
  7. Wow, this is cool

Love the old adverts and pill bottles. A House reference with pearl shaped vicodin perhaps?  I’m told that is not the case but that it is a fun idea nontheless.

There is the underlying themes of “Home” and “psycho” running through here. Prime numbers, loose hardware, compasses not pointing north… and in the pic after that… poison.  And BIRDS.  BIRDS I TELL YOU, JUST NESTING WHEREVER THE HELL THEY LIKE!!

Note the waterworks and poison.  Are the two related?  Should I be worrying about plotting betwixt Sith and Cruel Wife?

Cruel Wife wants to go and learn at Sith’s feet.  Sith respects Cruel Wife’s quilt-fu.  Short dangerous opinionated women should not be allowed contact with one another.  All I can say to Sith’s hubby is “Run.”

Fiat lux and other symbologicalness.


Alert reader The Dude sent me this link.  Sick sick puppy.  And I laughed my ass off.

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I can always tell when I’ve been a bit more House-like than usual, because I’ll come back to my office and find that a passive-aggressive co-worker such as Crazy Cat Lady (aka CCL) has put this on my keyboard where I’m sure to not miss it.  I’m 99% certain she did it because of her look of innocence rather than confusion when I said “That was you that put that on my desk, right?  Well done.  Well done.”

I’ve known CCL for something like… oh… 12-13 years now, probably, so I’m not too worried that she’ll pour cat urine all over my office chair.  Yet.


Yes, I’m still obsessing about inertia.  Wouldn’t warpage of space be a nice tidy way to look at it?

This sort of thing is pretty far out there and approaching Tin Foil Hat Technology, but I want to believe that warp travel is possible because otherwise getting to other stars is pretty prohibitively expensive.  Fuel, mass, cost, lifespans, etc.

Here’s how I look at it:  Humanity is due for something new.  We’ve been stuck on E-M for some time now what with Maxwell and Faraday (and many others) doing their mad magic with magnetism and electricity.  Nothing really new has been done in terms of manipulating stuff.  Sure, recently they’ve realized a fourth fundamental circuit elemnent, the memristor… but there’s not been any real new physics.

Jeez, I can see the debates over that last sentence… work with me here, people.  I’m talking about new fundamental models and applications that alter fields or space.  Give me some sci-fi, ok?  Stasis fields, gravity manipulation, inertial dampers/exciters, etc.  Yes, that is all BS, but I’d like some BS that didn’t involve a politician or some zealot or some lunatic.


The fringe folks sure want to believe that Jesus was tempted, married, or farted in church, don’t they?  Jesus was married, and we know that because someone wrote it on a papyrus, so it must be true, right?

Karen King, a professor of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School, announced the finding Tuesday at an international congress on Coptic studies in Rome. The text, written in Coptic and probably translated from a 2nd century Greek text, contains a dialogue in which Jesus refers to “my wife,”whom he identifies as Mary.

In just about any other accounting, there are independent sources that parallel other accounts, and I challenge someone to show records elsewhere that list Jesus as being married.

She stressed that the text, assuming it’s authentic, doesn’t provide any historical evidence that Jesus was actually married, only that some two centuries after he died, some early Christians believed he had a wife.   [ emphasis mine – lk ]

“Some early Christians” could mean anything.  “Some” meaning the writer.

Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was unmarried, although there is no reliable historical evidence to support that, King said. Any evidence pointing to whether Jesus was married or had a female disciple could have ripple effects in current debates over the role of women in the church.

And THAT folks, out of the entire article presents the sole reason for all Prof. King’s efforts.

“There are all sorts of really dodgy things about this,” said David Gill, professor of archaeological heritage at University Campus Suffolk and author of the Looting Matters blog, which closely follows the illicit trade in antiquities. “This looks to me as if any sensible, responsible academic would keep their distance from it.”

Fox News is getting almost as good as FARK for providing funny articles.
Guaranteed to peeve Cruel Wife off, is this news article about a restaurant in Corpus Christi threatened with fines for hosing pigeon poop off the sidewalk because it is polluting.  I hope to hell that Crawdaddy’s fights this one in court.
I got to see one of these fire devils in person while on a fire but it was nowhere near as beautiful as this one.
More Iranian women need to kick the shit out of more clerics when they mouth off about being indecently clothed.  Too bad she’ll probably have an example made out of her for her troubles.
Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti said he encountered the woman in the street while on his way to the mosque in the town of Shahmirzad, and asked her to cover herself up, to which she replied “you, cover your eyes,” according to Mehr. The cleric repeated his warning, which he said prompted her to insult and push him.
“I fell on my back on the floor,” Beheshti said in the report. “I don’t know what happened after that, all I could feel was the kicks of this woman who was insulting me and attacking me.”
Go girl.
Beheshti said he was hospitalized for three days. The Iranian cleric said it was his religious duty to apply the principle of “commanding right and forbidding wrong,” and that he would continue to do so even after living through what he called “the worst day of my life.”
I’m thinking you get a lot of whispers behind you in clerical circles after you get beaten up by a woman.  Good.

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This is our flag.

If you want to make a statement about patriotism, do so.  Don’t rip off the idea in a cheap “dumb it down for the masses” hipster way.

Points to note:

  • America’s flag has 13 stripes (colonies)
  • Obama’s flag has five, probably signifying The Fifth Column
  • America’s flag has stars (states)
  • Obama’s flag has one central piece, a fake hope diamond (thank you, Dr. Savage)
  • America’s flag is vibrant with confident bold colors
  • Obama’s flag is washed out and painted with childlike strokes.

This is Obama’s flag.

Official Link

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My son is a plague vector, Patient Zero.  We were vectors one and two.  Therefore, I am not blogging today other than this:
The key point to remember is this one screenshot from the Big World below.  (h/t to alert co-worker Inscrutable Half-Breed)


And at the XKCD link below – you have to WORK for these goodies –

Here is the day’s XKCD… If it doesn’t “work” then go to XKCD directly:  http://xkcd.com/1110/

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This guy has been in the news off and on for a while, as have other death-row lifers, and he cannot be executed because there might be problems stemming from incompatibility between his corpulence and (gasp) needles.  Again, why do they not just say “tough tits” and why does this guy get reported on regularly with articles that are not heaping coals upon his head?

Ronald Post, who shot and killed a hotel clerk in northern Ohio almost 30 years ago, said his weight, vein access, scar tissue and other medical problems raise the likelihood his executioners would encounter severe problems. He’s also so big that the execution gurney might not hold him, lawyers for Post said in federal court papers filed Friday.

“Indeed, given his unique physical and medical condition there is a substantial risk that any attempt to execute him will result in serious physical and psychological pain to him, as well as an execution involving a torturous and lingering death,” the filing said.

Hold that thought:  They can’t lethal-injection him because there might be severe problems.
Post’s request for gastric bypass surgery has been denied…
But he’s willing to risk all that risk, physical pain, and psychological pain because he wants to live, so they can execute him when he’s in better health.

… he’s been encouraged not to walk because he’s at risk for falling…

Encouraged not to walk because he’s at risk… even though he’s just dying to lose some weight so they can execute him.
… and severe depression has contributed to his inability to limit how much he eats…
I blinked FIVE times when I read that one.  Uh… don’t shove as much food into his cell.  He’s in prison, on death row.
I can’t say as how I blame him for working the system to stay alive, but taxpayer dollars pay for the bullsh*t wrangling in the courts.
More pain-free than any other method – all the dead people I’ve talked to agree.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_asphyxiation

Although execution by nitrogen asphyxiation was discussed briefly in print in 1995 (Creque), it is not used by any nation.

In a televised documentary in 2007,[2] the UK political commentator (and former Member of Parliament United Kingdom), Michael Portillo examined execution techniques in use around the world and found them unsatisfactory; his conclusion was that nitrogen asphyxiation would be the best method.

Your body doesn’t spaz because you’re dumping CO2 and it can’t tell that you’re not getting 02, so you just go to sleep, quietly.  That’s how I’d want to go.  We should ALL be so lucky.
He can go to his execution fat, happy, with a few painkillers in him, ride in on a wheelchair, have a smoke, and wait for the gas to do its job peacefully.

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A Post On Flying. Sorta.

Short post.  Picture.

Reminds me of my middle nephews’ 8th birthday party.


Attack of the Flying Squirrels

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Is this Irony?

Mayor Bloomberg and pals have been fighting long and hard to save others from their self-inflicted corpulence by the draconian method of limiting their soft-drink sizes.

I knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy whose girlfriend’s hairdresser knew this guy whose girlfriend’s hairstylist once read about this gal who had her jaw wired shut so she’d eat less and lose weight.  And she gained weight.  By drinking nothing but soda.

So yeah, in a way you could say that soft drinks may cause weight issues.  But do does eating chocolate cake.  So does eating six sausages with triple helpings of sauerkraut during Octoberfest and every other weekend in between.

I’m surprised, however, that Bloomberg hasn’t capitalized on what is going on in his own town.

How the sweet sweet stench of a 100+ year old broken sewer pipe is working out well for Bay Ridge…

Listen to the reporter’s tone.  Then ask yourself:  (1) Why is it not constantly in the news?  (2) Don’t you think the reporter would have to work darned hard to not have a person quoted that by now hates the mayor’s guts?  (3) In this age of journalism that must come with a judgment, why does the reporter not have the mayor’s telephone number listed?

It’s gone from bad to worse. A massive sinkhole has turned from traffic nightmare to sickening situation in Brooklyn. A sewer main broke more than two months ago in Bay Ridge, creating a huge hole in the street.

And as CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported Friday night, the stench has now become a major problem.

Misery is how 92nd Street residents describe the slow, tedious work on the enormous sinkhole, which first formed back on June 28 and is still not close to being repaired.

Workers have been going down more than 70 feet to fix a busted 110-year-old sewer pipe. The hole has unleashed a non-stop sickening smell.

I don’t know about you, but the smell of ripe sewage really tends to reduce my lusty appetite.

Bloomberg:  Why not just collapse the sewer system every 20 blocks and put into effect the most rapid weight-loss program the city of New York has ever seen?  Sure, it’ll be harsh but people will be healthier for it, right?  And that is really all you need to justify anything, because if just one life can be saved, it is worth it.

It would certainly stink less than portion control with soft-drinks.


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A Piece on Ass.

Note:  I have substituted letters and numbers in common words (you will know them when you see them) to kind of keep weird pervert people away from this blog through g000gl3 searches.  It may be pointless, but I’m going to try at least.  BE WARNED… the stuff below is not what we normal well-adjusted humans consider normal or well-adjusted.

All right.  I’ve thought about this extensively and after nearly 15 seconds I’ve decided to throw this up.  Maybe you will, too.

Australia, a place where more than a few things are upside down, has a thing known as the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF).  Yes, a film festival named MUFF.  [Insert_Socially_Insensitive_Joke_Here]

Strange things I can understand.  The reporter seems entirely too supportive of the subject material.  You be the judge.

Gey secks is more likely to offend standards of morality and decency than m3n having s3x with donk3ys, as far as Australia’s censors are concerned.

A film depicting s3x acts between m3n and donk3ys was screened at a Sydney film festival last week after an exemption from classification was granted to the festival by the Classification Board.     – theage.com.au

This is important to get established quickly:

Sayeth the Classification Board… (not I)

Gey secks = Bad

Donk3y Americas-Man Love Affair  (DAMLA) = Good

Zombie Love = Bad

Ok, that noted, let’s move on.  No, they did not opt to view the film, but I bet they wish they had made even a half-hearted attempt at going through the motions.

No film can be publicly screened in Australia without first being rated by the Classification Board, which may refuse a classification if it offends standards of morality and decency.

However, it may permit a festival to screen films that have not been rated.

In contrast, the Classification Board banned L.A. Zombie, which features a zombie character having homosecksual secks with dead bodies, from being screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010.

Again, zombie n3crophilia, which ordinarily seems to me to be merely a matter of dating within your own social strata if you yourself are a zombie, is somehow more offensive and less decent than some documentary backwoods hick frolicking in the nethers of a donk3y.  Because, as we all know, whatever the topic is, documentaries mean it is like OK, you know?

Note:  Based on 30 seconds of exhaustive research spurred on by second thoughts, begun with and ended with a Wikipedia search, I can absolutely say that L.A. Zombie is most definitely awful horrible space-time-rendingly “bad” in most every sense of the word.  It makes a gey pr0nographic mockery of all the societal good done by ZombieLand and Shaun of the Dead.  Not surprisingly it too premiered at film festivals in Switzerland and in Melbourne, Australia.  Surprise, surprise.

Donk3y Lov3, which purports to be a documentary about a tradition of Colombian men having secksual relations with donk3ys, won best documentary at the MUFF.

“I was very nervous about awarding it,” said Richard Wolstencroft, the director of MUFF.

“It’s a controversial film but [jury head] Gene [Gregorits] was very insistent it should win.”

One scene in Donk3y Lov3 shows the filmmakers laughing as they film a man committing acts of b3sti@lity on the side of a road.

Serious.  The “director of MUFF” was “nervous about awarding it” when clearly the filmmakers found it to be a humorous topic, as if we were talking about an embarrassing date.  Yet he still gave it an award.

I admit that I have personally drawn the conclusion that the reason that film jury head Gene Gregorits (mentioned above) was insistent that the film should win was because that was the only way he could keep the footage of himself giving a donk3y a spin on the cutting room floor.  I have no facts to base that conclusion on but for someone to insist that this film should win even a “Best Soundtrack Award” implies to me that he’s either seriously damaged goods or he is being blackmailed into doing it.  Both seem even more likely, but that’s just me drawing my own conclusions.  After some further thought, “Best Soundtrack Award” would be even more hideous, wouldn’t it?

The director of Donk3y Lov3, Daryl Stoneage, said the film had divided audiences but had not been banned overseas.

“You make half the room never want to talk to you again and the other half come up to you and tell you what a pair of balls you must have to make a film like this,” he said.

“I think when people actually see the film, they get desensitised to the act pretty fast and are able to watch a funny and informative documentary about a cultural practice that most people don’t know anything about.”

However, he said the whole film had made him feel uncomfortable.

Stoneage was unapologetic about treating the cultural practice of bestiality, which many people would find abhorrent, and illegal, with humour.

This goes to show you that these directors – and the people that sniff their own farts and watch these movies – aren’t really uncomfortable with much of anything other than not getting attention that they thrive upon.  Arguing that your film is ok because it “had not been banned overseas” is bordering on tipping over into a specious argument at best.

Still with me so far?  Last push and we’re done…

“I’m guessing those same people would have a hard time wrapping their heads around a country full of b3sti@lity,” he said.

“It’s too bad, there should be more funny documentaries.

“I know I think about that every time I watch the 20th documentary about 9/11 being an inside job or some documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon telling me what’s melting or that I should recycle more.”

“If you don’t think a country full of people having s3x with donk3ys is funny then maybe there’s something wrong with you.”

Guilty!  There must be something really wrong with me because the notion of a country full of people having secks with donk3ys is the very epitome of anti-funny.

Sorry, but I’m of the opinion that the director himself is little more than a closet donkey fluffer.


While we’re talking animals, because we did gerbils last night, we should mention rabbits, too.

This isn’t news unless you are younger the event was far before your time but it is still funny and worth remembering if you are considering the many ways in which Obama has surpassed his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

I do go by now and then to read The Straight Dope.  Cecil, the genius behind the articles, is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a great writer and funny as hell in spite of the fact that our politics are diametrically opposed.  He did an article on Carter and the Killer Rabbit.  The snippet should entice you to go read more of his stuff…

The rabbit incident happened on April 20 while Carter was taking a few days off in Plains, Georgia. He was fishing from a canoe in a pond when he spotted the fateful rabbit swimming toward him. It was never precisely determined what the rabbit’s problem was. Carter, always trying to look at things from the other guy’s point of view, later speculated that it was fleeing a predator. Whatever the case, it was definitely a troubled rabbit. “It was hissing menacingly, its teeth flashing and nostrils flared and making straight for the president,” a press account said.

The Secret Service having been caught flatfooted — I’ll grant you an amphibious rabbit assault is a tough thing to defend against — the president did what he could to protect himself. Initially it was reported that he’d hit the rabbit with his paddle. Realizing this wouldn’t play well with the Rabbit Lovers Guild, Carter later clarified that he’d merely splashed water at the rabbit, which then swam off toward shore. A White House photographer, ever alert to history’s pivotal moments, snapped a picture of the encounter for posterity.

See the common thread tonight?  Rabbit Lovers Guild?

No, there’s no connection but I love words and all possible combitweetions of them.

I think of Obama in a boat and then immediately erase the imagery so I can watch him on a bicycle again with a dorky looking helmet.   I had to reach into the recesses of my mind to remember where I personally first saw that pic – Moonbattery.com – when I saw Dave Blount’s posting.  Long after the act, thank you, Dave.

Given his handling of world events lately a helmet to protect his brain seems a bit like an amputee wearing steel-toed boots but hey, if you feel good doing it, who am I to judge?  If someone you love is considering voting for this guy just point them to this years-old picture and gently suggest that unlike fine wine, stupidity does not get better with age.

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Gerbils of a Lesser God.

Gerbils are notoriously bad at lip-reading, which might be in part related to the fact that they do not actually use language.
The inability of gerbils to operate in modern society was a risk scientists were willing to take when they purposely deafened the little rodents in the name of the progression of science.

The animals were deafened using a drug to destroy their auditory nerves…   Fox News – Health

Some big-brained guys stuck needles into their little gerbil ears and deafened them with chemicals.  Now, if that isn’t modern science, I don’t know what is.  It’s what makes us #1 over all the animals, this ability to deafen lower life-forms at will.

… before receiving an injection of around 50,000 human embryonic stem cells, which had previously been treated with growth factors to coax them into becoming ear cells.

Ewww.  They gave stem cells the equivalent of Fuzzy Navels fortified with vodka in order to biologically peel their panties and get them to behave all different-like.

Deafness is caused primarily by loss of sensory hair cells in the ear and auditory nerves.

And, I might add, by injecting chemicals directly into the ear.

The authors of the article are keen to point out:

Cochlear implants offer a partial solution to loss of hair cells but there is no treatment for nerve loss, or auditory neuropathy, which accounts for 10-15 percent of cases of profound deafness.

But here again, gerbils are basically screwed.  Compare them to see just how screwed.  An implant could probably take a gerbil.
So is it useful research?
After treating 18 gerbils with complete deafness in one ear, his team reported in the journal Nature that stem cells produced an average 46 percent recovery in hearing function, as measured by electrical signals in the animals’ brains.
You tell me.
I’m inclined to say yes, if this kind of research can improve the life of just one gerbil, it is worth it.
While this is news, it isn’t by even a tiny stretch surprising.  Especially considering the beating she took.

A 73-year-old woman who told police she was raped in New York City’s storied Central Park said she’d like for someone to torture and “kill” her attacker.

The unidentified victim spoke in an exclusive interview with the New York Post following the 11 a.m. Wednesday attack… [snip]

“Kill him,” the Upper West Side resident told the newspaper. “Cut off his penis. That’s fine. Cut off his feet, then hit him over the head. Then give him life in prison.”

The avid birdwatcher said she feels jittery following the attack, but is mostly enraged. She suffered a broken eye socket, a black eye and several bruises and scrapes in the attack.

So is it news-worthy?  Yeah, maybe.  I like that the reporter and editor kept the part of her comment where she adds:  “Then give him life in prison.”  (emphasis mine)


Maybe more later…?

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Before we go “Tools”, let us do family safety.  Let us analyze a lamp.  A nice simple cute fuzzy bear lamp.  Totally innocent.

Awww. Isn’t that adorable?

Well, maybe that’s not so adorable… what did the bear barf up on the table?

Try a whiffle ball placed on top of the bulb at the top of the lamp. With my canary-in-a-coalmine nose I could tell something was burning, but I couldn’t pin it down right away. Come to find out the lamp is on a low piece of furniture in the kids’ room. And it was fixin’ to get much hotter. If we had picked up and gone somewhere before I could smell it, we might’ve had a house fire.  It was black at the top and would have flamed.  If it had, it could have been bad.

Once my son Hackerboy realized that he would not be shot, tortured, or even worse, have his Skylander game taken from him he fessed up to doing the deed, but at age 6 I can’t possibly believe that he understood the danger.  He does now.


True tools.  Anyone that thinks Netanyahu and Iran’s Supreme Leader could even remotely be in a toss-up for “most dangerous” is definitely a tool.  Congrats, Mike Barnicle, you are the #1 Tool for the day.  And you’re such a tool, you don’t even recognize that you have the capacity to be a tool – you think you are an anti-tool.   Somehow an anti-tool is even worse.  You can’t even claim ignorance.  Ignorance is the lack of something, but you aspire to be something more…

Just so there is no misunderstanding possible, I mean “tool” in this sense:

One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem.  – Urban Dictionary

I thought “tools” kind of described anyone in this election. I still hope Romney wins, though, because he’s really the only thing between us and full-blown socialism. Sort of.

Here’s another reason why I’m talking “Tool” tonight…

Rep. Jeff Landry, R-La., said it would show “leadership” if President Obama demanded money for both Libya and Egypt be stripped out. 

The budget bill does not include a specific line item for Libya. But the bill effectively sustains current funding levels, which were at $20 million for Libya in the latest version. The overall spending plan is meant to avoid an Oct. 1 government shutdown and to keep the government funded for another six months.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Wednesday also called on the government to put conditions on the money to Libya.

“The perpetrators of this senseless attack must be brought to justice. I, therefore, demand that until the Libyan police hand over suspects to U.S officials, any U.S. foreign aid to the government of Libya be contingent on their full support in this matter,” he said.


  1. Would we have been sending millions and millions to our enemies in the 40’s and 50’s?  What makes it ok now?  There are an awful lot of taxpayers that think “Hey, if we all paid $1000 each, that would be 20,000 taxpayer’s hard-earned taxes going to a country that wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if we slid off into the ocean.”
  2. Like Libyan police weren’t totally ok with all the goings-on then they should damn well have done something to stop it.  You protect an embassy as if it were your own, and give safe quarter, at least you do in a civilized country.


You mean the usual signs of a pub-crawl just weren’t working?

New Thermal Imaging System Could Help Detect Drunk People

No, sir.  No sign of anything here.  Just the usual broken glass, blood, vomiting, and people lying in the gutter.  Wish we had a way to spot them drunks before things got out of hand.


Ok, this weekend I will go for something lighter and fluffier than the last bunch of posts… I’m getting so fed up with our politicians lately.   Erg.

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