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My daughter Lemurita called me up yesterday to tearfully tell me that they found a baby squirrel in the basement that looked like it was dying.

Cruel Wife and Hackerboy and Lemurita gravely took the little guy in a shoebox outside in the shade.  I was resigned to having to dispatch it when I got home.  Lemurita came to grips with the “Daddy grew up on a farm and dispatching animals doesn’t even register on his radar” but at the same time the idea of doing it and distressing my daughter pained me.  She asked that when I dispatched it, I left it in a whole piece.   Then I spent the next hour trying to think of ways to break it’s little neck by hand or to mix up a humane lethal injection or perhaps some sort of gas.   I didn’t have a lecture bottle of nitrogen so that was out.  I had ether.  Chloroform.  Hanging.  Electrocution.    I felt drowning and immolation to be out of the question.  Guns in the city don’t fly well and besides, does one really need hollow-points to get rid of a baby critter?

So before I left for home I got another call and the little critter was looking like it might not have eaten some of the poison downstairs and might live, so they took it up to an animal rescue shelter.

Well, I asked them to take a pic.  Not a baby squirrel but a young chippy-munk.  They’re kind of cute, yes, but I’d easily dispatch an entire extended family of them without a second thought to avoid them nesting in my attic, and then go get a large pizza and a chocolate malt.  Rodent pee in your insulation and walls is best dealt with – extreme sanction.

Lemurita and Hackerboy, Patron Saints to Small Rodentia.


How pathetic is it when you get skunked and then have a reporter lob a softball question so you can explain how you dominated the scene?

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday that President Obama had decided to go to look at storm damage in Louisiana even before Mitt Romney announced his trip there.


A reporter traveling with the president asked Mr. Carney about the timing: “Had the decision to go to Louisiana on Monday been made before the White House learned that Mitt Romney would be going today?”

“Yes, it had,” Mr. Carney replied


Mr. Carney said the logistics of arranging a presidential visit take planning, and the White House decided Monday was the best time for logistics and so as not to get in the way of recovery efforts.

Is this what’s going to go down every time Romney does something right?  Suddenly Obama has to top it or talk about how it was his idea first?
Nah, far easier to believe that what the O is far more intent upon is how he’s going to save his re-election.
Occupy… occupy… occupy thine own skull wouldst thou, oh insignificant craven itinerant?

Republican National Convention protesters sobbed in each other’s arms as their weeklong series of protests came to an abrupt and unremarkable end.

As Mitt Romney delivered his remarks at the RNC on Thursday night, marking the end of planned events, demonstrators living in the “Romneyville” protest camp led a final march through the streets of Tampa.

Following a fragmented march against the GOP, TheDC’s photo team spoke to several protesters who said they were disappointed by low turnout at protests and the lack of open discussion between protesters and Republican leadership.Referencing the large number of bicycle-based police officers, a protester named Lash told TheDC, “we can see liberty crumbling on bikes.”

Lash, 26, described himself as a “conservative” and “a member of the Libertarian Party for six yearsas he sobbed on the shoulder of Mike, a fellow protester.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/31/occupy-rnc-ends-in-tears-frustration

I just don’t know many conservative libertarian party guys that sob on their boyfriend’s shoulders when the whole drama of being a massive dick just doesn’t pan out.

But some protesters managed to do some “good” even if they totally negated it by being sociopathically crippled.

5. “We fed the homeless and picked up trash”

But really, they did.

Despite an ordinance in Tampa making it illegal for anyone to feed the poor, the movement marched out of their camp, called “Romneyville,” toward the homeless nearby and spread the wealth by sharing food they had prepared through the “Food, Not Bombs” system, which involves dumpster diving and preparing discarded food

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/31/reporters-notebook-sht-occupy-tampa-says-photos

Yeah, bra… we’re here to feed you some sun-dried aged chicken in a slightly-off mushroom-and-Thunderbird pan sauce.  Or you can share these dried out pop-tarts in not-quite sour milk.

Some protesters in Tampa did some deep thinking.

“I love that we have an anarchist forum here, and I really love us, but I hate that our forum can’t even talk with their conservative forum,” he said. “The police just silence us, the Republicans just silence us. We are just getting silenced everywhere we go. It’s like no one wants to even hear what we have to say.”                  Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/31/occupy-rnc-ends-in-tears-frustration/

“It’s like no one wants to even hear what we have to say.”

Hold on to that thought, son.   It may be that you can’t yet process it, but your precious-snowflake upbringing has not prepared you for the notion that you are nothing special.  That until you actually do something of worth to distinguish yourself, you don’t sit at the adult’s table.  You are perceptive though, it certainly is just like no one wants to even hear what you have to say.  Might want to ponder on the reasons why that could be.

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