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What’s good?

Lou Reed has been running through my brain, probably because I’m playing his music at the moment.  Lots of people can’t stand the guy and that’s understandable I guess.  Anyway, “What’s Good?”:

Life’s like a mayonnaise soda
And life’s like space without room
And life’s like bacon and ice cream
That’s what life’s like without you

– Lou Reed

And this is just a stream-of-consciousness stream of bullshit tonight because, well, because.

What’s wrong with bacon and ice cream, anyway?


From Cracked.com comes a list of 20 Costumes that Will Earn You a Halloween Beating.  And they should.  Every last one of them.  If you dress up as one of these and end up with stitches and splints for lots of soft-body parts let me know.


What’s Good?  Ends up like so:

What’s good ?
Life’s good –
But not fair at all

I think there’s a grain of truth there.

No, I’m not depressed or anything.  I’m actually taking the night off and have time to think about all the stuff I usually ignore and had some music on.  This was on the playlist is all.


Scan the following graphic.  Note the number of countries that prefer Obama over Romney and the percentages.

What is totally and completely baffling me is how close the Presidential race is.

Why is that?

Can people not look objectively at this?  The rest of the world doesn’t really give a rat’s hiney about who the best leader is for the US.  What the rest of the world cares about is “What is in it for us?”   Think about that.  They all prefer Obama because the idea is that with a weak leader in the US, at least on paper, the rest of the world has a bigger slice of the pie (and if you don’t believe that, ask yourself why Europe formed the EU).  In practice they would have been hosed either way but I think it would have been worse for them if they didn’t have Obama shoveling dirt on our own heads.

So, World, how is it working out so far?  Could be worse, you say?  Good thing the world doesn’t vote for our President.

And nine out of ten dictators hate the US unless it is giving them money.  Of those that are getting money from the US, nine out of ten would ditch the US in a heartbeat if they could because they secretly loathe the US anyway.


Oooh, now BOC is playing “Godzilla”.  Saw that in concert and talk about absolutely pumping bass.  You could feel your chest being compressed by the sound levels and you truly could and did get get high off of second-hand smoke.  But we didn’t inhale.

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We drove a great distance at great risk to ourselves – we risked the odds of fires, floods, pestilence, earthquakes, tsunamis, teeming hordes of rabid skunks – all so we could go to the distant town of Brighton to see Michelle Malkin speak.

It was a packed crowd for the region it was in, and I’d estimate two to three thousand easily.  Cold, blustery, the kids whined in our ears even as the wind roared through them.

Cruel Wife and I had been talking about Tea Party and Lemurita wanted to know what that was about.  We described the original Tea Party and how there are some similarities and what the Tea Party means now.

I had taught Lemurita on the way up the nasty habit of redistribution of wealth by putting it in terms of getting an A that you worked hard on and giving 30 points to a kid who didn’t make the right choices and didn’t work as hard.  When MM talked about redistribution of wealth my daughter booed.  I am so proud.

MM said two things that stick in my head – one was her utter disgust with the cries of racism.  She held up her hand and said “What?  I’m darker than [Obama] is!”   And then she talked about inoculating our children against the attempts to indoctrinate them, saying “No, we need to to instill self-control… self-DISCIPLINE…”  Oh, a third thing stuck in my head… “women, we will be voting with our brain parts.”

It was a very quiet well-behaved crowd that politely cheered when she or Theyrone X had something good to say, booed the policies that anger any conservative, and in general was unfailingly polite to one another.  There were no beatings, no rapes, no shootings, no screaming matches, no hecklers, no public intoxication, no public urination, no obnoxious signs and counter rallies going on nearby.  It was like any Tea Party gathering – one of concerned citizens that are more than a little tired of the government thinking we work for them and not the other way around.

MM even mentioned HomeSec at one time tracking Tea Partiers because of the dangerous element they represent.  Well track me silly fellas.  You’ll get bored really fast.

And while waiting for a sign to put in my front yard I got to pet two Pugs, which were a hoot.

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Quotables and Kittens.

I would do a longer post if I were not in the throes of a wicked migraine.  Not the worst by far but it takes creativity and leaves it hollow – a papery husk left over after the soul of a living creature has been sucked out by greedy parasitic vampires.

I was doing a keyword search through my e:mail and ran across this one.  See if you can guess where it came from.

Surrounded by dickwads, we pressed onward, through the fog of idjitry.

And no, it is not from “The Charge of the Light Brigade”.

Here is a picture of Jack Katt not mentoring Melody the kitten but rather wondering if he could eat her in one bite or two.  The fact that he isn’t actually trying to do so is a testament to the power of the Kitty Pheromonizer-ator™, the plug-in air-freshener thingy loaded with Happy Kitty Squeezin’s.

And never let it be said, wiccapundit, that I am not willing to throw up a picture for you to enjoy.  I’m sorry it is blurry but the kit won’t sit still long enough to snap a decent pic.  The profile is classic.


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Our kitten broke free of her prison last night – it was a complex scheme she hatched in order to do so.  She “pushed the door open and walked out”.   Wild, huh?

I looked down and saw a bottle-brush tail and said “Oh hi, Melo… uh oh.”

I knew that she had either been discovered by Jack-Katt and Jilly-Boo or was soon to be discovered.  I had visions of little pieces of kitten lying all over the house and the older cats gnawing on soft little kitten bones while hacking up dainty little furballs.

No, instead the kitten decided to do a charging “YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?  HUH?” maneuver repeatedly until the older cats backed down.  Below is a snapshot of her when Jack-Katt (who outweighs her by roughly 12 to 1) hissed at her.

You ate the last of the cookies?!! You BASTARD.  And WHERE ARE MY OTHER THREE BOOTS?

That little ball of fluff bluffed her way into the pecking order of the house and is totally at ease going wherever the hell she wants.  The big cats still hiss and are kind of put out but they’ve agreed to co-exist.  Jack-Katt even retreated enough to sit in a box and observe the kitten as she charged him.

Melody Song Boo Lemur (Lemur is not her real last name and the name with the addition of “Boo” sounds like socks on a chicken but the kids wanted it)

I do chalk it up to some stuff Cruel Wife found and that was confirmed as being effective by Crazy Cat Lady from work – it is a natural kitty pheremones Air Wick™ type of product.  You plug it in and it gives off HappyKitty pheremones.  It really seems to have calmed them all down.

I wonder how many cats they have to squeeze to get the quantity of pheremones contained in the bottle.  Oh well, if it promotes Good Feelings between the felines in my house I’m willing to sacrifice any number of other cats to obtain said pheremones.

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Meet Melody Song, the newest member of the Lemur Household.

She’s seven weeks.  Cried out when we drove her home only when accelerating or going around corners.  Not homesick at all and very comfortable in the upstairs (quarantine until shots kick in).  She was the runt of the litter but does not act it.  Wonderfully happy kitten.

Here she is tucked in my jacket.  She was purring very loudly and when I pulled it closed she did an ultra-purr as if a giant inflatable hotdog deflating (PUUUUUURRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and then fell asleep instantly.  Jack and Jill are obviously distressed.  Oh well.

I am already smitten with this kitten.

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Romney hates muppets.

Romney made no bones about cutting PBS and naturally Libtards assumed that he logically hated Sesame Street.  It’s a logical assumption, after all, if you have the reasoning ability of a six-year-old.

Recently he turned down an interview with Nickelodeon because unlike Obama, he’s got people to meet with, places to go, and things to do that don’t involve fluffing his ego.

“First Big Bird, now Nickelodeon,” cracked Washington Post TV critic Lisa de Moraes. “What’s up with Mitt Romney and kids?”

Linda Ellerbee, “Kids Pick the President” host and a former NBC anchor and reporter and  CNN commentator, denounced Romney for his decision. “That’s several million kids who actually want to get involved in the democratic process,” Ellerbee said. “They don’t deserve to be dissed. But former Gov. Romney also blew off Letterman and Big Bird, so I guess we’re in good company.”


Several million kids may want to be involved in the democratic process… is that so?   Well, if Obama can just write an Executive Order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, he ought to be able to involve those little moppets.

But Romney… Romney obviously hates muppets and moppets.  Obviously.

I want to find the cartoonist “Reynolds” and tell him “Well done for not showing horrified muppets. Hungry muppets are much better.”


They aren’t being dissed, to be totally blunt, they don’t matter in the electoral process.  So Ellerbee, sit down, shut up, and hang on.

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Here’s tonight’s installment on the Girl Genius slaver wasp… last night’s cut is here.

Keep in mind:

  • That up there takes serious effort
  • It is not rendered in Blender3D yet – what you see there is the renderer in My Favorite Modeling Software (MFMS) – it is nice but not the final product
  • The “white” gauge is not white per-se, it is saturated by the renderer’s light that is pretty much behind the scene camera.  I don’t care about it enough to change it at the moment
  • It is too shiny – I will add dirt and bump-maps to it
  • It has no lights yet – those require lamps and radiosity
  • It has no gauge decals yet – that might be tricky for me

So – thoughts?  I’m not fishing for compliments – I’m asking for input – there is a difference.

I will say this – this exercise has dramatically increased my respect for the Prof’s Foglio and Cheyenne in their work on GG.  It was high to begin with but this somehow amplifies it.

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Ever since Cruel Wife got me hooked on Girl Genius (something I resisted for years and years because I had a feeling I’d truly like it) I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

I “store them up” and I read them in bursts to Lemurita after a suitable time has passed so we can get blocks of the story at once. Last night for some reason or another I saw a Spark Wasp, that is, a Wasp that can attack Sparks and thought, “Damn if it wouldn’t be really cool to model that thing up in my favorite modeling program and then photorealistically render it in Blender3D.

Note:  This is something I am doing for fun and a nod to the Professors Foglio.  I do not plan to make a penny off of it – didn’t to start, don’t now, and never will plan to do so – and will absolutely attribute it in its entirely to Phil and the gang. 

That tucked-in tail is one of the hardest damn tasks I’ve ever had to do in my favorite modeling program.  The only one harder was a part I designed for that thingamawhatsit project orbiting Mercury at the moment.  It’s all rather tedious as to why it is so freaking difficult but trust me, as of last night I had picked the hardest most ridiculous way imaginable to do it and tonight I chose the second-hardest.  But it seems to be coming along nicely.   Yes, it needs many many tweaks.  I’m working now just to get the geometry mostly similar.

This occurs to me about once every five minutes: I truly wonder how many times Foglio had to draw that blasted thing before he felt it was right…

Wait until those dial gauges cast a glowing green light…

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Quickly now.

Time is short so it calls for a short post.

Today’s post is on ethicality.


I saw that on a bulletin board somewhere. No idea where.

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