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The Lazy Post.

I stopped at 12 hours (work).  I was fried by 8 but needed to do more.

And accomplished nothing of value in spite of all my efforts.  Damn.

So this is a lazy post mostly to let you know that I’m still alive and have not stepped in front of a bus.

Wildlife – a cougar in a tree.  (h/t to my dad’s friend Loose Screw)

Those Nat’l Geo photographers really know their stuff.


Last night I was trying to talk to the family and realized that although we were all in the same room we were none of us in the same room.  After I realized I was being totally ignored I started saying all manner of things to see if there was anyone out there, using the Elaine Method from Seinfeld.

  • NASA called… I’m going to the moon.
  • I am moving out of the house and going to live in sin with the dog three blocks over.
  • Tomorrow I’m getting a turkey surgically grafted to my elbow.
  • Geez, did you see the size of the elephant that just stomped on the cat?
  • (dryly and calmly) Oh look guys!  We’re being attacked by rabid skunks.  Hold on to your butt.

I can see Hacker Boy spacing me out but Cruel Wife and Lemurita totally missing out on that was a low blow.


At work I found a giant permanent marker, about 1-1/2″ in diameter.  Stinks to high heaven and you know it has been uncapped even if you are 30 feet away.  I’ve taken to walking around with the cap cracked and pretending to sniff really deeply, remarking “Damn, was that ever a good week in markers.”

I even left it on the conference room table by my office with a note “Please try out our new line of fragranced markers.  First whiff is free.”

Last week was a granola bar on the table with a note that said “Help Washington and Colorado – we’re sending munchie boxes soon, please add snacks – they will need them.”  Not everyone got that one.

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