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Merry Thanksgiving.


We’re having beef and turkey tamales.  From scratch.  Lard, masa, meat, corn husks, and hot steam.  The real way.


I don’t know where Cruel Wife found this and I’m not about to ask.  Crypto-Taxidermists are bizarre folk and I don’t want to know if she knows ’em.


Artificial eye lenses, but not the way we’ve done them for years.


Stopping projectiles is a holy grail of sorts.

Not that shaped charges care much when it comes to larger rounds but when it comes to small-arms stuff this is pretty cool from the personal protection standpoint – and making it lighter weight is a bonus if you are on the move.


Remember, your life could be far stranger than it is now.


Ex-teacher says school officials told her to ‘train’ her breasts to not make milk at work.  This makes as much sense as telling Johnny to train his testes to lay off the sperm while going all the way with Suzie in the back of his GTO parked up by the lake after a few bottles of enhanced wine coolers.

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