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Where in the hell is Lemur King?

Busy.  Work has been busy but it is my turn in the barrel for home improvement time.

No, I have not had my testicles gnawed off by rabid weasels.  I have not undergone dramatic reassignment surgery to become Lemura Queen.  I have not been abducted and probed by aliens.  I am not starring in any movies that utilize inflatable sheep.  (thanks to CW for correcting the “gnawed off” omission of the word “not“).

Home remodeling on top of stressful work days plus two kids… I just don’t have the brainpower.

I do have some pics to post tomorrow night – foods, remodel stuff, cat updates.  All the usual shi… I mean… stuff.

Until tomorrow night…

Addendum:  It should be said that while I am at work, CW is doing a huge amount of the heavy lifting on the home remodel – moving stuff to/from rooms, cutting through lath/plaster the hard way (read: w/o a recip saw), moving stuff out to the yard and driveway, vacuuming, etc.  HUGE amount of stuff.

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