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Our Mrs. Reynolds

I am still feeling like canned cream-of-shite and am calling in sick for the remainder of the week. I have been laid low and humbled. But amazingly I felt this evening like living seems marginally better than dying. As my dad put it tonight, “you feel like you are going to die and then you pray that you will…”

The title of this post – no pics just yet, sorry – refers to our new Christening of the kitten formerly known as Melody. Now we affectionately refer to her as “Mrs. Reynolds” which is a nod to the character Saffron from Firefly. She is bodacious and evil. Pure essence of cunningly alluring evil. She is no longer a kitten but turning into a sleek beauty.

It is a lie.

I have a picture of her waiting like a coiled up serpent in our Christmas tree. Check back in this post later for the pic.

But first a video

Here you go… She is about 3-4 feet up in the tree. She did not find the Pickle Ornament first in spite of base camping there.




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