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Safe. Ish.

Drones should make us feel safe.

  • Gun laws to curb citizen’s semi-automatic “assault weapons”
  • Ammunition shortages
  • Path to citizenship
  • Fully-automatic weapons for DHS for “personal defense”
  • Purchase of billions of rounds of ammo for DHS
  • Promise safety and goodies to those who live in cities and are swayed by things, not ideals
  • Drones over the US.
  • Presidential power for president to authorize strikes against US citizens.
  • I expect to see the Universal ID card and control on gun powder soon.

Sure sounds to me like a government hell-bent on making sure they can beat a society back down if there is unrest.

I’m trying to figure out at which point I am supposed to feel safer.


As you know, women who are afraid of rape should not be trusted with guns.  Cruel Wife would like some words with this CO Rep. Salazar.

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