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Just a damn cat.

Well, the vet said she hadn’t been able to call us because the dummy had slipped his breakaway collar.

Few days ago he’d gotten hit by a car and when he was brought in she said there wasn’t any way she could save him – he was too badly banged up.


Damn, Amazon.com has EVERYTHING

So much for head-butts when I come home and catnaps on my lap with a 15-16 lb monster.  Damn cat.


Rest in peace, you Big Dummy.

Now we have to figure out how to tell Lemurita and HackerBoy.



It has now been 1451 days since the Tessa WoW Chainsaw-Seal Death Threat.  “Club a WoW Seal Today!”  Thanks to Rabid Alien for randomly saying something that reminded me of it.  It put a funny spot on an otherwise shitty day.

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