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Mashed post.

Note:  Make sure you read yesterday’s post, too.  It’s chock full of fun.

Scroll on down to where it says “amiable old man showing a Star Trek tractor beam in action”.  Now, “tractor beam” is total BS and has nothing to do with localized magnetic domains on a macro-scale.  Just enjoy the video.  Super damn cool.

If you are the Yorl-ing type, you might be tempted to wander over and grab one at the amiable old man’s website.  You could make this yourself without too much effort through K&J Magnetics (I’m aimin’ to).  By the time I paid shipping and exchange and Euro prices I could do it cheaper through K&J by 40-50%.  Don’t feel so bad about telling you that because he has a buttload of other things I really want and couldn’t hope to make…


Piano Guys again. I like ’em.


You are probably aware that my name is Lemur King and I am a Redbullaholic…  I fell off the wagon this morning after five days of being clean.

But if I embrace that side of me…

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion,
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed,
The hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning,
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

Thanks to alert reader Black Lab on Amphetamines.  Sayeth he on the source:

(Around a while; found it on web page that's been up since 1996: 

The BLA is a fountain of trivia.  He scares me with some of his tidbits but by walking into his office sniffing markers I can weird him out so we have a stalemate.


And from Orygun… Smoke… jumpers… duuuuuude.

A team of smokejumpers parachuting into a fire in the mountains of Southern Oregon landed in an illegal marijuana garden being prepared for growing season.

[snip]  the smokejumpers notified authorities, who hiked into the remote site in the Rogue River-Siskiyou (SIS’-kee-yoo) National Forest… [snip]

The smokejumpers extinguished the fire after it burned less than an acre.

You could get some serious smoke-related exposure after close to an acre of smoke.  I suppose they had to stop at some point to arrange for “supplies” from Dominos or something.

Now that section is prime growing area (from what I hear) and can be nicely cut off from the rest of the world.  Perfect for an enterprising farmer.


Now, look at the Mars Rover tracks below and tell me what you see.

mars_rover_oo_errStare at it hard before you go read about it.  WHAT DO YOU SEE?  Record your observation and then go linky.

Sorry, some guy must’ve spent some time mapping the projection and path for this shot.  Or it’s a photoshop.  But there are geeks who have been known to put their initials on parts bound for oh, say, Mercury, so it’s not impossible to fart around with things.


You want one of these… yes you do.



Dear Dr. Lemur –

I am troubled by this attack by native American Indians on sports teams that they deem are offensive or racist.  Is there anything that can be done about this bullying?

– Agness, Redskins Fan A-Number-1

“We will never change the name of the team,” Snyder said. “As a lifelong Redskins fan, and I think that the Redskins fans understand the great tradition and what it’s all about and what it means, so we feel pretty fortunate to be just working on next season.”

But what if his team loses the trademark case? Would he not consider changing the name even then?

“We’ll never change it,” Snyder said. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

And what of the question Blackhorse wanted to ask if she ever met him? Would Snyder dare call her a redskin to her face?

“I think the best way is to just not comment on that type of stuff,” Snyder said. “I don’t know her.”

Blackhorse says she is not surprised at Snyder’s answer.

“If it was appropriate to call me that, he’d comment,” she says. “It must make him uncomfortable to talk about it, and it should make him uncomfortable.

“He’s right. He doesn’t know me, or my people. And if he did, he would not use that name.”

Dear Agness,

This sort of drivel is perpetuated because we allow it to be.  If everyone would resort to one sentence and one sentence only in any communication with these people then the issue would dry up soon enough like a festering sore packed in pickling salts.  Just say “Go blow a goat” and only that to anything they say to you.  NO MATTER WHAT.   If one of them is on fire and needs water you say “Go blow a goat”.  One of them wants to discuss something with you, “Go blow a goat”.  Eventually they’ll get tired of it and realize that their behavior drives how they are treated.  If a kid whines and every time he whines he gets a two-finger rap on the head, after a while whining just doesn’t get the desired response.  As soon as they take their ridiculous case out of court life can return to normal.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run out and buy a pair of Redskins tickets.

– Dr. Lemur


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